23 Ways You Can Grow Your Business With Pinterest

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Nov 21 2012

pinterest marketingPinterest is taking the online marketing world by storm as the fastest growing independent social network in the history of the internet.  While the concept is extremely simple, the implications for businesses are HUGE.  You can’t afford to ignore Pinterest.  I recently gave a Pinterest for Business training program where I showed businesses how to use this social network to grow.




Here are the top things that businesses can DO NOW to get more business from Pinterest.

  1. Create a Pinterest account (here’s how to set up a Pinterest business page)
  2. Create specific and descriptive Pinterest boards that your target audience is interested in
  3. Pin content daily
  4. Comment on, repin and connect with other pinners
  5. Follow pinners in your target audience
  6. Search for content from your site that is already getting pinned
  7. Look at content from your competitors sites that is getting pinned
  8. Create content for your site that is already getting pinned
  9. Add the follow us on Pinterest button to your website
  10. Add the PinIt button to your website, pages and blog posts
  11. Use multiple images on your sales pages so pinners can choose the best image
  12. Build an inventory of great images (instagram, infographics and smartphone photos)
  13. Add images to the most sharable pages on your website (and make sure that the images are descriptive of the content – not just stock photos)
  14. Create an infographic with unique industry information
  15. Tell your story visually with images to make them easier to process and share
  16. Follow complementary businesses on Pinterest
  17. Add text to your images so the images tells people what the content is about
  18. Build community on Pinterest by sharing and participating in the conversations
  19. Ask your customers to share their Pinterest accounts with you and comment on and repin their content
  20. Ask followers on other social networks to follow you on Pinterest (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  21. Run a Pinterest contest
  22. Ask customers to pin photos of their experience in your store or at your business
  23. Share pins about your business on Facebook and Twitter to drive more traffic to the people pinning your content

These are just a few of the tips that we shared in our recent Pinterest Training program – if you’d like to know exactly how to do these things and more, take a minute to check out the training (it costs less than I spend on coffee each month).

As you can tell from this list, images are the most important thing to your success with Pinterest.  Because images are so important, I created a brand new training class on easy ways to get fabulous images for your website using Instagram, infographics and images – learn more about our Instagram, infographic and images training program here.

What Krista to show you exactly how to do this?  Check out our Pinterest for Business Training program.

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