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3 Business Accounts to Watch on Pinterest

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Erin Hertzenberg

May 29 2013

Pinterest is not just a place to create Pin Boards for clothing, makeup, sports, inspirational quotes, or other hobbies – it’s prospering into a place for businesses to expand their network and have the opportunity to have their customers help promote them. Three companies that are making a splash on Pinterest are Procter and Gamble, Crest, and Lowe’s. Let’s check out some of the reasons why these accounts are catching fans’ attention.

#1 Procter and Gamble

  1. Emphasizes on their motto to bring families closer together
  2. Provides links to products and coupons
  3. Portrays the change of the company and products throughout the years

Proctor and Gamble

#2  Crest

    1. Provides links to coupons for discounts and freebies
    2. Gives information on other Crest products in addition to toothpaste
    3. Provides ways to whiten your teeth in just daysCrest

#3  Lowe’s

  1. Provides easy DIY projects for around the house and yard
  2. Gives organizing tips for tight spaces
  3. Offers free tutorials to learn how to fix or replace home appliances


All three companies are different for what they are known for but all are easily accessible to discover on Pinterest.  To start promoting your business on Pinterest today and for more in depth information, check out our Pinterest online training class.

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