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3 LinkedIn Strategies to Make You Stand Out

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Jun 13 2013

linkedin trainingLinkedIn has been growing steadily since its inception, and professionals are finally starting to realize this is an important social network that they need to be active on.

LinkedIn isn’t just for growing your professional network – it’s also like an online resume that will help recruiters, clients, employers, colleagues, and more to learn more about you. Most people just upload a picture and some brief career information, but if you take advantage of the following 3 features, you’ll stand out against your competition. Whether you’re looking to score a meeting, land that job interview, or connect with other professionals, these strategies will show you how to be memorable online.

#1: Ask for Recommendations

The recommendations feature allows colleagues, employers, and other people who know you in a professional setting to share what they enjoyed about working with you and what makes you stand out. Ask co-workers and other people you interact with to write a brief recommendation for you on LinkedIn. If you want to ensure they do it and want to make things easier for them, be specific. If you work for a advertising agency for example, ask a co-worker who’s been on one of your projects to write why they enjoyed collaborating with you. The more specific you are, the easier it is for people to help you out.

#2: Ask People to Endorse Your Skills

It’s a proven fact that we do business with people we know, like, and trust. You can add as many skills as the next person onto your profile on LinkedIn, but the thing that will impress people the most is if they see that others have endorsed you for those skills. It takes one click, but having that social proof will tell others that you’re serious about your work, people can count on you, and you’re a respected professional in your industry.

#3: Join Groups Related to Your Industry

The best way to get people to take you seriously as a professional is to show them that you’re passionate about your work. By joining groups on LinkedIn focused on best practices, tips, discussions, and ideas for becoming a more talented professional in your field, you’ll send the message that you care about your work and are knowledgable. Participating in discussions and/or starting them in these groups will also show other people in the groups that you are knowledgable in your field.

The most important part of being active on LinkedIn is making meaningful connections and adding value to others. Make sure you don’t spam groups or users, and be sure that you return the favor when people help you by offering to endorse them, write them recommendations, and more. These 3 strategies should put you on a great path to getting results from this network. Most people do need help, which is why we created an Advanced LinkedIn training class. It’s available in Cincinnati or online, so register now!

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