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3 Types of Email Marketing that Grow Your Business

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3 Types of Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

Krista Neher

Jun 13 2023

3 Types of Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

In 2020, email marketing revenue was 7.5 billion dollars, and by the end of 2023, it is estimated to reach over 10 billion dollars. With such a high ROI, what are you doing as a business to optimize your email marketing? Here are three types of email marketing and ways you can use them to grow your business.

Newsletter Emails

These are the most common type of email, in fact, 81% of B2B marketers use newsletters as the most common form of content marketing. Newsletter emails are typically sent regularly to a pre-defined list. Most businesses start with email newsletters to keep people up-to-date on their business and aware of incentives, new products, or sales.

Power Tip:

More advanced newsletter marketers (typically with large lists) will segment their lists so different people get different emails. One way to do this could be based on product interest, previous email responses, or other factors. This usually leads to better results but is only appropriate if you have different types of people on your list that would respond better to different messages.

For example, at Boot Camp Digital, we send a corporate training newsletter, and a digital marketer newsletter since each of these groups looks for different content.

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Autoresponder Emails

In a 2022 study, 55% of marketers used automation in their email marketing. Rather than sending the same email to your entire list on the same day, an autoresponder will send emails in a pre-defined sequence starting on day 0. The emails are “triggered” by an event.

A great example is when you fill out a form showing interest in attending one of our Boot Camps, we’ll send you a series of emails:

  • Immediate – Thanks for your interest + brochure
  • Day 4 – How can we help?
  • Day 10 – Why our program is top-rated.
  • Day 14 – What is holding you back?
  • Day 20 – Special offer
  • Day 25 – Offer expires
  • Day 30 – Parting thoughts.

The advantage of this is that people receive a custom-designed set of emails focused on driving action that initiates when they are most interested. The custom email path gets them the right email at the right time vs. a generic newsletter email.

Personal Emails

We are often so focused on our official email campaigns that we forget the power of personal messages.

There are over 333.2 billion emails sent per day, and a great way to break through that clutter is with a personal request. It is the most effective way to drive action.

For this reason, in requesting reviews, where you need to generate a handful of reviews a week, a personal email request will be more effective. Sometimes advocacy or referral campaigns can also work best when sent personally.

No matter what type of email you send, be sure to TEST TEST TEST!

Gather the data and decide if you are using the right strategy for your business. If something is not working, change it!

This is an excerpt from Krista Neher’s best-selling book, “Digital Marketing That Actually Works.” You can find this and more books at Boot Camp Digital.

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