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4 Ways to Create Social Media Content If You Are In Sales

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Allison Chaney

Aug 17 2021

I recently trained a sales team for a corporate client on how to create great social media content. A common theme popped up in this social media workshop. Sales teams find it challenging to know what to post about.
I hear this from sales professionals all the time. They are unsure what to post and how it will impact their results as well as the corporate brand.  They are afraid of posting something off brand or that would get them “in trouble”. Yes, I actually hear those words a lot.
As a result, sales professionals often expect the corporate brand to tell them what to post. On the other hand, the brand often expects the sales team to create their own content. The result is, either no one is posting at all, or the content just doesn’t work. Or worse, the content actually damages the brand and you have to shift into crisis management.
Here are 4 ways a corporate brand and the sales team can create a win-win agreement to accelerate sales results by creating effective social media content.
Start with Strategy – A well-outlined strategy will get the entire team literally on the same page. Before creating any content, everyone should have a clear plan of what they want to achieve, who the audience is, and how they will accomplish their goals. Our GSOT methodology is an effective way to get clear on your goals, strategies, objectives and tactics so all content created is effectively driving results for the goals.
Empower The Team – Everyone in your organization from the corporate team to the sales team is involved in the business, and has their own unique perspective on the industry and the brand. Encourage your team to brainstorm together on content ideas. Your sales team is closest to the customer, so invite them to share their experience of what is most important to them. What type of content could add value? What type of content could answer their questions or address a pain point? Your corporate team is closest to the brand messaging and strategy, so invite their input to serve as a foundation and set clear brand standards. As a team, each person should feel empowered to contribute their own unique perspective, as long as it aligns to clear brand standards.
Education – Knowledge is power. The more  your team understands the impact of social media content and how it can not only elevate the brand, but improve their sales results, the more excited they will be to create content. Provide training, workshops, coaching, or consulting programs and resources to support your sales team. When they understand the tools and how to use them, they are more likely to start posting.
Build A Content Calendar – A clearly outlined plan for your content will help you get organized and stay on track with creating great content. Use our free content calendar template to set your team up for success. This template will allow you to bank content ideas, and keep track of approvals so you can streamline the process and get your ideas approved for posting.
Whether you represent the corporate brand, or you are part of the sales team, this is a conversation for the entire organization. Once everyone is clear on the strategy and feels empowered, accelerating your sales results through social selling will be an enjoyable experience!

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