5 Steps to Get Started with Twitter

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Krista Neher

Feb 05 2015

5 Steps to Get Started with Twitter

I just finished a presentation at a trade show about Twitter, and I realized that there are still many businesses struggling with how to get started. I wanted to share 5 simple tips for anyone to get started with Twitter.

Even in 2015, it isn’t too late to get started… Here are 5 simple steps to get started with Twitter, regardless of your social media knowledge or experience.

1) Start with Search

Start by doing a few keyword searches on Twitter – consider searching for words related to your product, industry, geography, service, category, etc. Just do some searches to get a general understanding of what people are talking about.

Twitter also has advanced search options so you can really narrow down and target any search option.

2) Look at what your Competitors are Doing

Spend some time looking at what your competitors are sharing and posting. In 2013 chances are that at least some of your competitors are using social media, and at least 1 – 2 of them are doing a pretty good job.

Learn from them – what is popular? What falls flat? What do people like? What do people respond to?

3) Look at what your Customers are Doing

Your customers are another great source of social media inspiration. Take note of what they like, talk about and what gets them fired up. Knowing your customers is important to understanding what you should talk about, the tone, positioning, etc.

4) Explore Your Community

Your definition of “community” depends on the type of business you are in. For my business, I participate in the social media community, the marketing community, the Cincinnati community and the Entrepreneurship community. Businesses that get noticed in social media participate and connect with communities — they take advantage of the 2-way dialogue.

Many of the companies that nail it on Twitter are constantly promoting others in their community and building connections. Consider who your community is. What hashtags do they use? Are there any Twitter chats that they participate in? Who are the influencers?

5) Figure out what you WANT TO ACHIVE from it

Before you start Tweeting, step back and ask yourself what you hope to achieve from participating on Twitter – personally and professionally. Knowing your objectives will dictate your direction and choices once you get started.

After these 5 steps you are ready to create an account and start participating!

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