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5 Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed From North America’s Best Word of Mouth Marketer Saul Colt

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Krista Neher

Oct 24 2018

The Smartest Man in the World, North America’s Best Word of Mouth Marketer, or the King of Experiential Marketing – no matter what you call him, Saul Colt has had wild success in, not only, getting brands noticed, but getting people to literally turn to each other and talk about them. No matter what type of organization you’re working in, his nuggets of wisdom WILL have an impact on your marketing efforts.

I interviewed him last week for our Digital Marketing Insiders (join free to watch the video) and I walked away with 3 new ideas that I can implement immediately in my marketing strategy.

Here are five takeaways from the interview. It was hard to choose because there were so many!

1. When creating a marketing experience, whether physically or virtually, ask yourself, “Would someone take a picture of this or share it?”

What you put together HAS to be interesting. Stopping people in their tracks and doing something unexpected is what gets you noticed. 

2. In social media, nobody remembers anything after 72 hours, so you might as well take chances.

If you don’t, your content ends up in this middle ground of boring where it has some value but isn’t spectacular and really getting noticed.

3. You need to generate a new, exciting moment in your marketing every ten days or so. 

Moments vary in size and not everything has to be huge, but in order to keep folks interested, your churn of moments needs to be ongoing and likely more frequent than you’d think.

4. “How did you hear about us” is one of the most powerful questions to ask when acquiring a lead or customer.

Sometimes the measure of success on a marketing campaign can come months later. and without that piece of data, you’d never know they were connected. 

5. Start with the goal and work backwards. There’s a lot of creative-first stuff that doesn’t speak to a business objective and there’s a ton of business-first stuff that’s boring. When you start with the goal first, this narrows down the process quickly and allows you to come up with a good idea and then challenge yourself to make it cool.

Saul’s Biggest Tip for Marketers: KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER! It’s amazing how many people create campaign thinking they’re the customer, when 95% of the time they’re nothing like the people who will use their product even if they think they are. Don’t design campaigns for yourself. Design them for people who are going to give you money.

If you’d like to watch the interview and hear more about how Saul powers up his clients’ marketing with word-of-mouth and experiences, join our Digital Marketing Insiders for this and more expert interviews, digital marketing news updates, Q&A sessions, and case studies.

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