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7 Actionable Ways to Grow Your Organization’s Digital Marketing Skills

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Krista Neher

Oct 15 2018

A new report from the EU Commission identified that digital marketing skills are required at all levels and in all organizations. From farmers to pharmacies, businesses and organizations need digital skills to succeed.

What is the cost of not growing skills? 

According to the research – lost productivity and lower sales.

So how can organizations grow their digital skills? The research recommends seven actionable items that all businesses and organization can do to upgrade their digital marketing skills.

1. Raise awareness on digital technologies and the need for digital skills

You’ve heard that admitting you have a problem is the first step toward change. The starting point for an organization should be to raise awareness around technologies and how they can be used to grow the business. This can raise awareness both of the importance of digital tools to support and improve performance, and also the need for digital skills to grow the business.

2. Promote access to digital technologies

The best way to understand any technology, media, or application is to experience it. Encourage employees to access and experience digital through the lens of the consumer. Consider providing experiences for employees to submerse themselves in digital to embed the learnings.

3. Expand the availability of digital skills through the education and training system

Digital skills and a clear digital training and education program should be available to the entire organization. Furthermore, digital skills should be a part of the core competencies required at every level of an organization. Employees should be given foundational and actionable training to improve on-the-job performance.

4. Promote access to training

Access to training to address digital skills gaps should be supported through a variety of means. In addition to formal organization training, employees can take charge of their own training and learning and access content online to meet their knowledge gaps. Promote access to formal and informal training and mentorships to make employees aware of how they can get support.

5. Include digital skills in a wider skills strategy

Digital skills should become a key component in the broader organizational skill strategy. Employers often have programs for soft skills or technical skills, and digital skills should be integrated into the strategy for promoting these skills. Digital skills should be integrated into job descriptions, work requirements, and skill assessments throughout the organization.

6. Consider diversity and avoid the ‘one-size fits all’ approach

Employers require different types and levels of digital skills according to the sector in which they operate, their size, their market, and the country in which they are based. In designing a digital skills strategy or any other type of initiative to help employers access the required digital skills, diversity needs to be clearly addressed through a tailored approach.

7. Reduce the digital divide

Businesses should take action to reduce the existing digital divide, focusing in particular on the categories of individuals who do not possess digital skills and are consequently at risk of marginalization. As digital becomes more prolific those without skills and knowledge will struggle more and more. Reduce the divide and support those who aren’t digital natives to better understand the technology and break-down their resistance.

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