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7 Tools to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

digital marketing tools

There are TONS of digital marketing tools – you could have a full-time job just trying to figure out which ones to use! I wanted to share with you some of our top tools that you probably haven’t heard of) that can grow your results online.

PS: All of these tools are included in our Digital Marketing Tools course which comes as a BONUS with most of our other training programs.

1. Answer the Public – This is a great tool to help with content creativity + to optimize your content for SEO. It shows you the most common searches around a given topic in a highly visual way… and it is free 😉 We use this for all sorts of online content inspiration and copywriting.

2. Buffer App – Buffer is one of the BEST tools for social media scheduling and the “Awesome” plan is only $97/YEAR. Lots of tools have social media scheduling but this is the best that we’ve used to push content to many different sites quickly and easily.

3. Buzz Sumo – This is another hidden gem of a content tool – it shows the top posts around specific topics. So if you want to examine the most viral content or most commented on content in your area, Buzz Sumo puts it together for you. It is especially good if you want to find top news to re-share from your account – you can share the news that is most likely to drive engagements.

4. Canva – Canva is probably the top tool for image creation – we’ve been using it for years and it is extremely easy to use. The images look professional and you can also create videos from it. The best part is that their templates make everything look really professional.

5. Animoto – There are TONS of video tools out there specializing in different things – this is one of the best tools to create quick and professional videos for social media. Animoto will quickly create text + image or video videos that get great results on Facebook. PLUS they have templates to start with.

6. WooRank – You can do a quick SEO checkup of your site for free with WooRank. It will score your site and tell you where you have problems. This is a great first check of your site SEO performance.

7. GTMetrix – If you want to check your site speed and really understand how your site is performing, you can do it free with GTMetirx. It will not only give you your site speed but will also tell you what is causing your site to perform slowly.

Do you have a favorite digital marketing tool? Tell us about it in the comments!

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