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9 Digital Marketing Goals To Inspire Your Strategies

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Krista Neher

Jul 05 2022

Defining Digital Marketing Goals

Deciding on digital marketing goals is usually pretty straightforward for most businesses – the goal is ultimately what you want to achieve with your efforts. Depending on the size and scale of your organization or business, your goal could be broad or specific.

For example, a goal could be to grow sales, which is broad, but a solid goal for an annual marketing plan. A more specific goal could be to drive sales of a new product launch. Either one works for the purpose of building your strategy. Think about what you want to achieve for your brand or business, and that should be your goal.

9 Digital Marketing Goals 

  1. Grow sales
  2. Increase donations
  3. Gain volunteers
  4. Drive sales of a new product
  5. Increase sales of a specific product
  6. Sign-ups for an event or program
  7. Awareness of a brand/product/program
  8. Change a behavior
  9. Change perceptions

The goal is the high-level thing that you want to get from your efforts. Even if you work for a government organization or nonprofit where you aren’t selling a product, you should have a clear goal.

Your Digital Strategies

Your strategy is how you will approach achieving your goal – and depending on your organization size and budget you can have 1 – 4 strategies. Keep in mind that the more strategies you have the less focused your efforts will be.

Your digital strategy should identify your approach to using digital marketing to achieve your goal. Different businesses use different strategies based on the nature of their product or service, as well as their position in the marketplace.

For example, at Boot Camp Digital, we use various strategies for our different digital marketing training programs.

For our B2B sales of corporate training programs, we rely on conversion as our primary strategy. We focus on getting and converting qualified leads. Since the service is relatively specific and we have limited resources, we focus exclusively on leads. Could we benefit from other parts of the marketing funnel? Of course! But with limited resources, we need to focus. After we master our lead conversion strategy we may expand up or down the funnel.

For our public training programs (online training courses and live open-enrollment Boot Camps) we focus on awareness and nurturing more. We want to make people aware of our programs and the value that they bring.

Having a clear strategy helps us to prioritize our efforts and focus. Your strategies can and should shift over time as the market evolves.

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