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9 Ways to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

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Krista Neher

Dec 17 2010

These days it seems like everyone has a Facebook.  Your entire life is just one click away from the rest of the world seeing it. You have to protect yourself and your privacy online. Luckily Facebook provides many privacy options for their users. Below, I have listed many of these privacy options for you.

1. Where are the Privacy Settings?

The easiest way to control who can see your Facebook is by setting your profile to private.  To find the privacy settings look in  the upper right hand corner of the page under settings.

2. Should Your E-mail be Available For Everyone to See?

These days their are a lot of crazy people out there.  If it’s not necessary to have your E-mail on your profile then it’s not worth it. Not only that, but making your E-mail so public opens you up to more spam.

3. Is it really Necessary to Post an Address?

It may seem harmless, but entering your street address to your profile, even if your account is private can be dangerous. Besides, it’s unnecessary and a classic example of T.M.I.

4. Using Friends Lists

Most people use social media as a way to connect and share their lives with friends. So why not limit the viewers of your profile to just friends? Friends lists even allow you to organize your friends into certain groups. For example you can have a group for ‘friends’, ‘family’, and ‘professional’.

5. Get off the Search Lists on Facebook and Google

Have you ever Googled yourself? It’s kind of entertaining, until you realize your not the only one with access to that information about yourself.  Under privacy settings on Facebook you can unclick a box in ‘Public Search Engines’ and it will take the link to your profile off Google. You can also remove your name from Facebook searches.

6. Unwanted Picture and Video Tags

Everyone goes a little crazy sometimes, but not everyone can afford to have that posted online.  Go to your privacy settings and and modify ‘Photos Tagged of You’ to adjust the settings.  If you want you can even set yourself as the only one who can tag pictures of yourself.

7. Protect Albums and Pictures

While this must be done on an album by album basis it’s very easy and helps you further keep your life to yourself.  Setting your photo albums to ‘Friends Only’.

8. Make Contact Information and Friendships Private

Normally people don’t think of keeping contact information and friends private. However, each piece of contact information can have it’s own privacy settings, including specific friend lists.  Also under Settings you can find a section called ‘Friends’ and set the privacy to whatever is right for you.

9. Protecting your Wall and Wall Posts

Lets be honest, most people don’t really care what everyone else has to say. To control the people that post on your wall as well as the people who view your life through the Newsfeed go to ‘Settings’.  Under the section ‘Wall Posts’ you can choose to disable your wall completely or pick groups of friends who can view it.

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