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A Dozen Ways to Grow Your Digital Marketing Skills

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Grow Digital Skills

Krista Neher

Apr 08 2021

Digital skills are in high demand. Digital literacy is one of the top skills for any job. Digital marketing skills are consistently at the top of marketing skill lists.

In fact, digital marketing is a skill required for the majority of marketing jobs.

If you want to stay competitive in the digital marketplace, you need to continuously sharpen your skills.

But how?

It can seem overwhelming to continuously improve digital skills.

BUT there are many simple ways to stay sharp and grow your skills that you can integrate into your day.

  1. Read Books

    Digital marketing books are a great way to really understand a topic. An author typically includes frameworks, research, and in-depth information on a topic.

    They are a great way to go deep on a topic and understand it from start to finish.

  2. Join Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups can be very valuable (if they are well moderated). You can connect with other thought-leaders and share insights. You can ask for help and give help.

  3. Follow Industry News

    Find a handful of industry news sites or blogs to follow. Choose ones that match your interest. This will also keep you updated on major changes in digital marketing.

  4. Attend a Training

    Digital marketing training courses are a great way to really dive in and grow your skills. A training gives you comprehensive knowledge on a topic. Great training will include templates and resources to implement.

  5. Follow Influencers

    Find industry influencers and thought-leaders and follow them on social networks. This will inject their ideas into your newsfeed and make you sharper.

  6. Subscribe to Newsletters

    Find newsletters to subscribe to that match your interests. Don’t choose too many or you’ll probably end up ignoring them. Start with one.

    This gets digital knowledge into your inbox where you are already spending your time.

  7. Check LinkedIn Industry News

    LinkedIn is a great resource for digital marketing news and thought-leadership. Search LinkedIn for industry news, or follow relevant hashtags. This will get the news right into your newsfeed.

  8. Subscribe to a Podcast

    Podcasts are great for multitasking. You can listen to them while you are at the gym, on a walk, or completing household chores.

    There are TONS of digital marketing podcasts. Find a few that work for you.

  9. Join a Webinar

    Webinars are a great way to learn from thought-leaders. Just make sure they aren’t actually sales pitches. Consider building a plan to listen to one or two webinars a month.

  10. Curate your Social News

    Social media algorithms work by sending you more of the stuff you are interested in. If follow, like, click and share digital marketing news, updates and ideas you’ll see more of them in your newsfeed.

    Make a point to get your newsfeed to reflect what you actually want to consume.

  11. Connect with People

    Find a group of like-minded people who are also passionate about learning digital. Talking with others will definitely make you smarter.

  12. Analyze Campaigns you See

    Pay attention to the campaigns that you see. Analyze them. Form opinions. Discuss them with others. This active learning will improve your skills.

12 ways to grow your digital marketing skills (infographic)

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