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Patrick Carroll

Nov 20 2013

Personal Brand

Your online brand IS your first impression. This program gives you everything you need to build and grow an online personal brand that attracts

prospects to you and has prospects excited about meeting you. Launch Yourself: Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand Online.

This one day program will guide you through the key steps of personal brand building and importantly, show you exactly how to build your expert brand online.  Whether you are looking to assert yourself as an expert, pivot your career or simply stand out, this program has what you need.  This is perfect for entrepreneurs, executives, job seekers, sales professionals, authors, CEOs, coaches, professionals, business owners,

speakers, advisors, agents and anyone who wants to really stand out online.

BONUS: We also have an optional 1.5 hour add on just for job seekers included in this program.

Agenda Overview

    • Stage 1: Defining Your Brand – The first step in branding is to understand what your brand is and who your brand should appeal to. Understand the professional and personal characteristics that make you unique, and synthesize these into a personal mission and mantra that is clear and easy to communicate. Defining your brand involves self discovery and unearthing your hidden talents, skills and characteristics.
    • Stage 2: Designing Your Brand – Designing your brand is about making you irresistible. Create a brand that people fall in love with based on the branding techniques that Krista Neher learned in working with some of the world’s best marketers like P&G. This stage shows you exactly how to design a brand that is credible, emotional and irresistible. Building a strong foundation will show you how to communicate your brand value in a way that draws people in and positions you as a credible expert.
    • Stage 3: Delivering Your Brand Online – Delivering your brand is about knowing exactly how to bring your brand to life online in a powerful way. Just as you wear nice clothes for an important meeting or interview, your online brand can create a good, bad or mediocre impression. Learn exactly how to use the top social media and internet marketing tools to grow your brand. We’ll cover Blogs, Websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and more. Plus discover social networks that leading experts are using to grow their brands that you probably haven’t even heard of yet. Make a powerful first impression online using social media tools that position you as the expert that people are attracted to and excited to meet.


Date: December 13th

Location: Boot Camp Digital,  1776 Mentor Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio, 45212

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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