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Announcing Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less Social Media Training – February 20th

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Snapchat marketing

Carolyn Coates

Feb 06 2014

Mktng15SorLessShort-format videos are taking over. Snapchat, Instagram Video, and Vine are the new trend in social media that give a quick, easy way to connect with a large number of people.

Does this matter for your brand?

If you want to have a strong online presence as social media grows and changes, then yes!

You can’t ignore these platforms and the opportunities they present. It’s not about making a short video and throwing it up but having an effective video marketing strategy to create engagement with your brand that can bring leads, customers, and sales. Take a look at the facts…

  • In 72 hours, an average person can retain 95% of a video (vs 10% of text)
  • Snapchat users in total receive (not send) 400 million photo or video snaps a day
  • Over 16.5 million users use Snapchat daily
  • When Instagram launched video, there was a 37% increase of Instagram shares on Twitter
  • Instagram videos create 2x more engagement than photos
  • Vine grew 403% between the 1st and 3rd quarter of 2013
  • 5 vines are tweeted every second

Our upcoming Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less: Snapchat, Instagram Video, and Vine Marketing Online Training will cover why you need to be paying attention to these platforms, the opportunities for your brand, how to create compelling videos, and more.

With Vine marketing training, learn the best way to maximize your 6 second videos to effectively market your brand. Snapchat is primarily populated by younger generations but in our Snapchat marketing training section, see what brands are marketing successfully on Snapchat and the best practices for your brand. Additionally, take your Instagram account to the next level with Instagram video with our tips and tricks in Instagram Video marketing training.

This is your chance to learn everything you need to know about marketing your brand using these new tools. With this online training, you will learn which platforms are best for your brand and how to harness the power of videos to see huge results.


Video CameraLive Online-Streaming: February 20th, 2014 @ 1:00pm-2:15pm

Register NOW! https://bootcampdigital.com/snapchat-instagram-video-and-vine-video-marketing-training/

Can’t watch the live streaming? You can always watch the the recording at your own convenience.

See you there!

Don’t miss out – reserve your seat today!


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