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Allison Chaney

Mar 16 2021

I was speaking to a client the other day about their experience with our online digital marketing courses and her response was priceless: “When I signed up for your course I was so thankful that this was not just another crappy online course where I didn’t actually learn anything!” (She might have said something a little more colorful than “crappy” and we had a good laugh, but you get the point.)

The problem is, there is no shortage of online courses, but most of them are lacking engagement and actionable tips. Even worse, many of them are just plain boring.

With all the digital marketing online courses available, how do you choose?

I’ve been in digital marketing for over 20 years. I owned an agency and invested in training for my team. So I put together this list of courses that I would recommend to any digital marketer or team.

Google Courses

Google offers free courses and training on their main products, including Google Ads, Analytics and Google My Business. Their courses are in bite-sized easy to follow video formats.

My favorite thing about Google’s Courses? The quizzes throughout test your learning so you can gain confidence or go back and dive deeper if you need to sharpen your skills.

Check out the list of Google’s Courses in the Skillshop here.

YouTube Tutorials

You can literally search for “how to” do anything and there’s likely a video tutorial on it. Visual demonstrations support learning. With YouTube you can pause the video to take notes or absorb a point, or even speed up the video to take in the highlights more efficiently.

What makes YouTube Tutorials such a powerful learning tool is that tons of new content is uploaded all the time so there’s a great chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. These tutorials are super supportive because many online courses are produced at one moment in time, and it’s extremely challenging to keep the course demos fresh with all the dashboard updates.

If you find yourself taking a course and the demo seems outdated, just hop over to YouTube and search for a tutorial. Power Tip: filter your results by most recent.

Facebook Blueprint

If you want to learn Facebook Ads, there’s no better way to dive in than with Facebook Blueprint. The courses are online and free, and cover a wide variety of deep dive topics about how to maximize your results on Facebook’s platform. The courses cover topics for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Some aspects of digital marketing require coding knowledge, such as website building where you’ll benefit from having CSS and HTML skills. If coding is your jam,  you’ll want to check out Codecademy and their free, step-by-step, real world tutorials.

Canva’s Graphic Design Basics

I love Canva because it’s a non-graphic designer’s dream. I have zero graphic design skills but Canva makes me look like a pro. If you find yourself wanting to level up, check out their free graphic design basics course.

Boot Camp Digital All Access Pass

When I was CEO of a digital marketing agency, I invested in my team they got access to the Boot Camp Digital library of courses. The online courses are so effective, I built my digital agency on the foundations I learned in the courses and in Krista Neher’s book “The Social Media Field Guide”. So it only made sense to make sure my entire team always had access to the same great resources.

Their onboarding compensation package included the Social Media Field Guide and access to Boot Camp Digital. This created a team that ran like a well oiled machine and delivered big results for our clients over the years.

What stands out about Boot Camp Digital is the access to experts. The All Access Pass includes consulting time with an expert which is unheard of in most online courses. It makes all the difference when you can get on a call and ask questions like, “in the social media strategy course, can you explain GSOT?”

There’s even a free 5 day trial so you can make sure the courses are a good fit for you.

Choosing the right digital marketing course

There are a ton of digital marketing courses, so when choosing the right course, here are a few tips:

  • Outline the skill sets you need most and focus your time finding courses in those areas. You might be interested in coding, but if it isn’t required for social media community management, then you’re either in the wrong job or seeking the wrong course.
  • You get what you pay for so “free is not always for me”. If you’re unsure of a course’s value, look for online reviews of the course.
  • “Free is for me” when it’s coming from a reputable brand like Google or Facebook. Big brands often produce amazing free content because, well, they can. They focus on providing quality content for their audience.
  • Look for courses that have supporting resources, quizzes to test your learning, and opportunities to learn by doing.
  • Enroll in courses that offer 1:1 coaching with an expert.

I hope this list helps give you a head start in leveling up  your digital marketing skill set so you can maximize your time spent learning!

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