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Do you have a Digital Development Plan for Yourself? Time to Create one and Build your Digital Marketing Skills!!!

Bottom Shape

Krista Neher

Jul 07 2015

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When you want to achieve anything – lose weight, get in shape, grow your career – you need a plan. We have diets, exercise programs and career paths to support these because we know that you are more likely to succeed if you have a specific and clear plan.


The same is true for your personal social media education. If you want to grow your skills, you need to have a plan.


You Need a Plan to be Focused
This is why I created the Personal Social Media Training Program – it is your personal plan to grow your skills in social media. The idea is that with constant and continuous effort you can grow your skills over time.


Variety is Key

A good diet or exercise plan includes variety – so does the Social Media Training Program. Read articles, books, talk to people, go to events, attend social media training – the variety of content will help you maximize your learning.


Discipline and Consistency are Vital to Your Success

When you want to do anything you need to make a consistent effort. You don’t lose weight by eating well for one day and you don’t get in shape after one weekend of effort. Be disciplined to carve out the time to invest in yourself over time if you want to see results.


Sample Digital Marketing Skill Development Plan

Create a development plan that works for you – based on the amount of time and effort that you can realistically put into it.


Consider this as a starting point:

  • 1 Conference a year: Make a point to attend one digital marketing conference a year. Choose one that matches your skill development needs and that has similar sized organizations participating.
  • 1 Training a year: Attend one formal training program a year. This is your chance to disconnect and really dig in. I do this for my business each year and it really helps me to refocus and learn. I don’t need everything to be new, but if I return with 10 – 15 things I can do better, the training was a huge success.
  • 3 Blogs/News Sites each day: You may miss days, but find 3 blogs or news sites that are worth following for you. You don’t have to read every article, but get some highlights.
  • 1 Book a Month: A good book allows you to focus in on a specific area. Try to set a goal to read at least 1 digital marketing book (or e-book) a month to keep yourself focused.
  • 1 Networking or Local Education Event a Month: Regardless of how small your community is there are probably local events that you can attend to meet other digital marketers. Discussing with other people is one of the top ways to expand your knowledge. Attend one local event a month to build connections in your local market, and swap ideas with key stakeholders.

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