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Digital Marketing Skills are the TOP In-Demand Skill for Marketers in 2015

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Krista Neher

Jun 18 2015

Digital marketing skills in demand 2015

Trying to decide what your next career move will be? Not sure where to invest your time in training?

According to the Managing Digital Marketing 2015 report, Digital Marketing is the #1 skill in demand for marketers.

digital marketing skill development
This makes sense – digital spending is skyrocketing – yet many businesses still don’t have the expertise to really understand digital and make smart choices.

How can organizations prepare themselves to increase their digital marketing skills and capabilities?

  • Create a digital training and transformation plan for the organization. This should be based on job-types and skills needed to perform in different roles. Many organizations don’t have a clear plan for how to grow the capabilities of their organization.
  • Invest in digital marketing training. It isn’t about a one-time training either – consider how you can create learning plans for your organization to grow over time.
  • Create learning communities. Training gets the ball rolling, but to really build out a digital transformation, businesses need to create internal communities focused on continuous learning. Providing access to online training is a starting point, but it must go further and focus on making digital a part of the DNA.
  • Explore and experiment. Something that is still surprising is that very few marketers are 1) active on digital and 2) actually look at their own digital marketing from a consumer perspective. Try to shop for and buy your products online. Would you like your brand page and get value from the content?
  • Start small if you have to. Many organizations don’t know where to start. Start small if you need to. Start with an audit and an education plan for a small part of your organization. You can’t afford to wait. Get started now.


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