Built to Suck – How to Suck Less with Joe Jaffe at SXSW

Bottom Shape

Krista Neher

Mar 12 2019

Joe Jaffe recently wrote his latest book – Built to Suck focusing on how businesses need to adapt to thrive. Spoiler alert – the book is awesome – and I wanted to share some of the best tips from his keynote at SXSW.

The key message: Just suck less.

Big businesses were built to be successful in the past- with size, scale and long term horizons, but now these are the things that are holding companies back.

Disrupt Yourself

Businesses are now being disrupted by digital. Businesses need to use digital to disrupt themselves – not wait to be disrupted. Rather than focusing on new ad campaigns we should focus on how to really change the game and service customers better.

Become Obsessed with Customers

Businesses also need to become more obsessed with their customers. We should really know (and service) our customers.

Win the Talent War

Businesses need to win the talent war – they need to recruit and retain the best people and get more serious about how they think about their teams. Businesses should think about internal funding and empowering employees.

Be a Citizen

Businesses need to rethink corporate citizenship and do good. Instead of advertising how great you are and creating campaigns around social good, businesses should do good. Instead of creating a campaign, give back to a charity (quietly).

Want to Plan to Survive?

Download (for free) the survival planning canvas to help your organization brainstorm and build ideas to sustain your organization going forward. If you want to plan for your future survival.

This is a GREAT tool to think about your opportunities and change the way you do business.

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