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10 Ways to DOUBLE Your +1s in a Month [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

Feb 04 2014

So you have a Google+ page, now what? Google+ will continue to grow and now is the time to build your brand's presence make an impact. With so many registered users (over 1 billion) and growing daily activity, how do...

Using Google+ Ripples to Grow Your Brand [Video Tutorial]

Carolyn Coates

Jan 31 2014

You may have found yourself creating a Google+ account but what's next? Google+ can be the most beneficial way to grow your brand online and improve search engine results but with a number of unknown features, it's difficult to know...

Announcing Social Media Effectiveness and Efficiency Training – February 4th

Carolyn Coates

Jan 21 2014

Not only are high growth firms using social media but they're being strategic about where they spend their time. Social media marketing can be a huge investment of time no matter your experience level. Small businesses alone can spend an...

10 Google+ Stats that Will Blow Your Mind!

Carolyn Coates

Jan 20 2014

It's no secret, Google favors Google+ Pages in search engine results. So why are so many people ignoring it? Some think Google+ is a desert but actually, it's the number 2 social media site around the world. Google+ has been...

This Week in Social Media: Facebook Ends Sponsored Stories, BIG Gmail Changes, Vine’s Web Version, and More!

Carolyn Coates

Jan 10 2014

This week in social media brought updates for top networks like Snapchat's replay button and Vine's new web version. Facebook makes it easier for nonprofits to receive donations, pulls the plug on Sponsored Stories, and tweaks ad options slightly. Big...

This Week in Social Media: Improved Facebook Insights, Promote Twitter Ads on Mobile, Mind-Blowing Stats from 2013, and More!

Carolyn Coates

Dec 27 2013

As we wrap up 2013, a few last minute updates will start the year off with a bang. Facebook made strides by adding real-time data in Insights and launching video ads while Twitter allows promoted ads on mobile timelines and...

Announcing: 2-Day Social Media Boot Camp

Patrick Carroll

Nov 14 2013

The 2-Day Social Media Boot Camp is our top-rated training program that shows you EVERYTHING you need from start to finish to grow your business and get results from social media marketing. This is a proven method of how to...

How to Generate Sales from Your Blog in 96 Seconds

Carolyn Coates

Nov 06 2013

Our blogging for business training has helped many businesses take advantage of this incredibly powerful online tool. Blogging is no longer about sitting down and writing what's on your mind but takes effective strategies to create website traffic, leads, and...

This Week in Social Media: Pinterest Starts Related Pins, Respond to Twitter’s @MagicRecs Messages, Facebook Tracks Cursor Movement, and More!

Carolyn Coates

Nov 01 2013

Happy November! Not only did this week bring Halloween madness blowing up our social networks but a few top sites made some big updates. This week brought related Pins for Pinterest, a new feature with the Twitter recommendation account, Facebook...
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