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Content Marketing

Content Promotion and Repromotion [Infographic]

Content Repromotion Infographic

So you’ve created an infographic (like the one below), put together a fascinating Slideshare presentation, or maybe produced an amazing video. What’s next? Our CEO, Krista Neher, likes to say “Don’t forget to market your marketing”…  Just as important as creating a unique and valuable piece of content for your audience, is promoting that content so your audience actually sees it. Follow this basic outline to get the most bang from each piece of content.

Content Repromotion Infographic


  • Write a blog post discussing the video/infographic/presentation (like we’ve done here)
  • Post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Slideshare, Pinterest, Instagram, and Discussion forums
  • Encourage employees to post/share on their personal networks


  • Schedule 2 additional blog posts 3-months apart
  • Schedule Tweets, 2x/month for 10-months
  • Break infographic into smaller pieces and schedule as Facebook posts over time

Set Reminders

  • Re-pin to different boards on Pinterest, 4-6 times, 1-month apart
  • Post to different Google+ and LinkedIn groups on the same schedule as Pinterest



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