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Measuring Social Media with Alan K’necht

Krista Neher

Apr 26 2013

Analytics and measurement is one of the hottest topics in social media. On Monday I gave a social media measurement workshop at PubCon as a part of the All Access Pass training program. Alan's presentation was full of useful information...

How to Calculate ROI From Social Media


Feb 03 2013

A couple weeks ago we had a fantastic class on Social Media and ROI training. It was a huge turnout and I wasn't surprised - learning how to get a Return on Investment from social media is extremely important! Social...

Measuring Social Media – an Infographic by Boot Camp Digital


Oct 24 2012

Boot Camp Digital presents our latest infographic on Measuring Social Media... Did you know that 72% of businesses that use social media don't know how to measure their Return on Investment?? Lots of infographics have been cropping up about social...

Does Instagram Mean Insta-Results? An Infographic by Boot Camp Digital


Oct 15 2012

Boot Camp Digital is excited to present our latest infographic all about Instagram and what it means for businesses... Did you know that 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook every day through Instagram? This site has exploded in popularity...

Hygiene Vs. Social Media Infographic


Sep 04 2012

Boot Camp Digital is excited to present our latest infographic showing just how social people are.....  If you have an extra 5 minutes today, will you spend it checking Facebook or Flossing?  The results might surprise you.  We have searched...

Announcing Our Brand New Online Boot Camp!


Aug 29 2012

As many of you may know, I've been working on bringing our Boot Camp program online for a while now.  Over the years we've sold DVDs and had an online video module, but now, after MANY MONTHS of work we...

3 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media (You’d Be Surprised What’s Worked for Us!)


Aug 16 2012

Last week, Boot Camp Digital hosted a social media lunch and learn class in Cincinnati called "10 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media." I was able to sit in on the class in which Krista shared some of Boot Camp...

4 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Influence


Feb 16 2012

Measuring your brand’s social media influence is not easy.  What metrics do you need to consider? How can they be calculated?  Often companies focus their attention on the amount of likes, followers and mentions without drawing a full picture of...

Infographic: Social Media Stats of The Day


Jan 13 2012

2011 was a great year for social media and by looking at this infographic we can see that this year might be even better!  Social media continues to grow and if your business is still not taking advantage of online marketing...
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