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Bottom Shape

Social Media ROI


Dec 06 2011

Social media is about strengthening relationships with your customers and partners, generating word of mouth marketing, creating brand awareness and finding new leads.  Usually most companies understand the value of social media and want to give it a try.  However, after...

How to Measure Social Media


Nov 21 2011

Measuring social media is a big challenge for a lot of companies.  There is no magic tool that can give you all the pros and cons of your social media campaign, estimate the value and count the exact number of...

Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Marketing (Sneak Peak Inside the Social Media Field Guide)

Krista Neher

May 20 2011

I created my book, The Social Media Field Guide as a strategic tool to help businesses create and execute effective social media marketing.  One of the areas where businesses need the most help is in measuring the effectiveness of their...

The Stats on Social Media Spending

Krista Neher

Feb 18 2011

We all know that social media has become a big component in business to customer marketing, as well as business to business.  But just how much cash are companies willing to drop to utilize this new form of marketing? 1....

How Gatorade Monitors Social Media with “Mission Control Center”


Jun 30 2010

What is the Mission Control Center? I recently read an article about Gatorade and their social media monitoring process called the “Mission Control Center”.  Looking at picture of the Gatorade Mission Control Center, one would think you are observing sky...

Twitter Ads


Jun 18 2010

Twitter Launches Promoted Trends I read an article recently about Twitter selling ad space, back in April Twitter introduced Promoted Tweets, a platform to allow businesses to promote themselves within the Twitter stream. Now it seems Twitter has launched Promoted...

The Challenge of Measuring Social Media

Krista Neher

Jun 02 2010

A few weeks ago I was on a panel for Business Wire on social media measurement. James Pilcher, Daniel Lally and I had a great conversation about social media measurement - what, why and how to measure social media. Since...
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