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Measuring Social Media with Alan K’necht

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Krista Neher

Apr 26 2013

Alan Knecht at PubConAnalytics and measurement is one of the hottest topics in social media. On Monday I gave a social media measurement workshop at PubCon as a part of the All Access Pass training program. Alan’s presentation was full of useful information

The State of Social Analytics – It Is Still New

Get Rid of the Funnel

The marketing funnel assumes that there is GRAVITY to pull people through the funnel. But the reality is that there is nothing to pull people through the funnel and people must be motivated to do business….. you may meet someone at an event and they don’t do business with you for 7 years. The idea that everyone fits into a purchase conversion funnel doesn’t work.

We have to motivate people to take action.

Side note – I still believe in the funnel – it isn’t just a conversion funnel, it is about how we make choices. Even in the example of someone buying from you 7 years later, they moved from awareness to interest to desire to action. It just too a while 😉

Start with the END of the Journey

What do you want to achieve?

You want – a fully engaged audience with unpaid brand advocates that increase sales

They want – a company that understands them, respects them and works with them

The 4 Steps to Measuring

  • Get them to the escalator

Participate in the social environment and engage with the people you want to meet. Introduce yourself to your audience. Join a Twitter chat. Write a blog post. Leave comments. Join community discussion groups. Pin images. Get people paying attention to you. This step is about getting them there.

Measure step 1: Number of  RTs or shares, comments, social engagements.

  • Encourage the first step

Get them to take the first step and start engaging with your content. It isn’t just about the like.

Measuring step 2: Ratios of fan growth per spend/interaction. What are you investing and what are you getting out of it. Create a goal – for every 100 Tweets I want to grow 30 followers.

  • Motivate the climb

How to we get them to continue to climb and get them closer to doing business with us. Engage and provide help. Respond to questions. Provide links. Show you understand your customers.

Measuring Step 3: Are you keeping them engaged? Are they getting closer to doing business with you? Is your content resonating?

  • Reach the top

Keep them from going back down. Monitor and engage your content to keep people engaged and happy. Reward your advocates and the people talking about you. Be helpful and encouraging. Don’t just market at people with “why not try another flavor” – incentivize it or make it interesting and relevant.

Measuring step 4: Monitor the social space and look for key phrases. Do sentiment analysis on the number of positive vs. negative comments.


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