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Bottom Shape

This Week in Social Media: A Social Network for Your Pet, Facebook and the 1st Amendment, “Twerking” on Google Trends, and more!

Carolyn Coates

Sep 20 2013

This week in social media brought a new iOS update, an app just for you and your pet, Facebook "likes" gaining constitutional validity, the power of angry tweets, and the growth of searches for "twerking." 1. Apple iOS7 Update By...

This Week in Social Media: Twitter’s Exclusive Features, Facebook’s New Ads, Top Smartphone Apps, and More

Carolyn Coates

Sep 13 2013

New this week in social media: verified Twitter users get a new feature to help manage mentions, Facebook adds autoplay ads to some, Instagram announces ads are on the horizon, Twitter goes public, and top apps for smartphones. 1. Twitter's...

This Week in Social Media: Facebook Tests Trends, YouTube Updates Its App, and other Top Social Media News

Carolyn Coates

Sep 06 2013

This week in social media includes a few lucky Facebook users experimenting with Facebook trends while others might not be receiving loans because of friends. YouTube updated its mobile app and Tumblr is recognized as  keeping content alive the longest....

This Week in Social Media: Faceboook promotions, Twitter updates, Facebook shared albums and more….

Carolyn Coates

Aug 30 2013

This week in social media brought a lot of new things for Facebook from Page restrictions changing to the letting many users upload to a shared photo album. LinkedIn groups were freshened up a bit and Twitter makes it easier...

This Week in Social Media: LinkedIn Company Pages, Yelp, Facebook Mobile and Google Maps Ads

Carolyn Coates

Aug 23 2013

Many things happened in the world of social media the past week. Mobile usage is growing exponentially while many networks constantly try to make their sites more mobile friendly. LinkedIn greatly improved its analytics for company pages and Google maps...
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