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This Week In Social Media: Twitter remarketing, Pinterest improves search, Facebook Ad updates, and More!

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Patrick Carroll

Jun 16 2014

It seems like every week we’re talking about a new update for social ads. This week is no different… Twitter has introduced remarketing and Facebook is allowing users to adjust ad preferences to get rid of pesky irrelevant ads. However, the most EXCITING news of the week is Pinterest’s new guided search feature for desktop (spoiler alert: It’s awesome). And finally, Youtube is purging suspended accounts from your channel.


Twitter AdsTwitter Launches Remarketing

Twitter advertisers can now push their advertisements to Twitter users who have recently visited their website. This feature is available for all types of ads, including twitter cards, follower campaigns, and promoted tweets. The remarketing ads also work in conjunction with Twitter’s conversion tracking so you can obtain data throughout the entire customer journey.

How you can take advantage

When using remarketing data in your ads you’re able to serve up your advertisements to a tailored audience who may already be interested in your product or service. Remarketing ads can help turn website browsers into potential customers by offering highly-relevant messaging to keep your business on the top of their minds.

facebook adsFacebook Gives Users More Ad Control

Want to see Ads more relevant to your interests? Let Facebook know. The new ad preference feature that will be arriving in most newsfeeds this coming week gives users 3 new options for dealing with ads. You can choose to see more of the same ads by letting Facebook know that the ad is useful to you, you can hide all ads from specific pages, and you can ask Facebook “why am i seeing this?”. The adoption of these features will allow Facebook to serve higher quality ads.

Why Do I Care?

As a user, this is a great opportunity to get rid of pesky remarketing ads that have been following you for weeks. As a business, this should allow for better ad targeting and improved CTR.


pinterest guided searchPinterest Guided Search Hits Desktop

Pinterest guided search has been exclusively mobile for the last few month but now desktop users have the chance to experience the amazing new Pinterest search feature. The new feature allows you to better organize your search and find super-specific pins. Looking for a chicken recipe? Pinterest will now suggest descriptors to add to your search with just 1-click like baked, oven, marinade, and crockpot.

How is this going to help?

Adding descriptive text is more important than ever if you want your pins to be found from the guided search. Search your target keywords and take note of what the guided search suggests as additional search terms. Make sure to include the relevant suggestions into the descriptions of your pins to ensure more appearances in guided search.


Youtube Purges Suspended Accounts

youtube followers

In order to keep subscriber counts meaningful, Youtube is removing suspended accounts from all channel’s subscriber counts. These suspended accounts won’t be deleted, they simply won’t show up as subscribers to your channel any longer.

How will this change my channel?

Expect your subscriber count to diminish slightly, giving you a more accurate count of current subscribers. If users become unsuspended, they’ll be automatically be re-added as followers.


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