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This Week in Social Media: Facebook Tests Trends, YouTube Updates Its App, and other Top Social Media News

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Carolyn Coates

Sep 06 2013


This week in social media includes a few lucky Facebook users experimenting with Facebook trends while others might not be receiving loans because of friends. YouTube updated its mobile app and Tumblr is recognized as  keeping content alive the longest. Be sure to check out up-to-date social media stats.

1. Facebook Tests Trending Topics

TrendingFacebookNot long ago, Facebook introduced hashtags and recently shared that trending topics in the home News Feed weren’t far behind. According to a Facebook Spokeswoman, a small percentage of lucky Facebook users in the US are already seeing this test-section in their feed.

How does this affect you?

If you use hashtags on Twitter for your brand, it’s time to follow suit on Facebook. As trending topics develop, it will begin show up in more profiles.

Already see it in your News Feed? Send us what you think!

2. YouTube Mobile App Update

New YouTube IconAlready updated your YouTube app? If you haven’t, last week YouTube announced an update that makes it easier for users to search while watching videos as well as connect the YouTube videos from a phone or tablet to your TV.

What does this mean for you?

Videos with detailed descriptions related to your brand and industry will boost your SEO. As mobile use increases for networks like YouTube, searching will be easier and more common so make sure your videos include keywords to show up in searches.

3. Tumblr Content has Longest Shelf Life

TumblrTumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to post images, text, videos, and links. Surprisingly enough, simplymeasured found that Tumblr, the 17th most popular website in the US, is actually the network that keeps content alive the longest.

60% of reblogs occur when a user sees content on another blog. Roughly one-third of the reblogs take place more than a month later – content is practically buried on Facebook or Twitter at that point.

Why does this matter for your brand?

If you don’t have a Tumblr account, consider opening one up. Not all content is “rebloggable” so make sure you have an effective strategy and know how to grow your brand’s success through blogging.

4. Can Facebook Friends Affect your Credit Score?

FacebookMoneyAccording to CNN Money, some companies are in fact looking at social connections before lending money. Using “big data” like this to assess credit risk is becoming more common.

Not only do companies look at Facebook but also Amazon or eBay accounts.

What can you do?

Your online brand is important – not only in regard to getting loans. Be aware of who you are associating yourself with online and what that says about you.

5. Eye-Opening Key Social Media Stats

Did you know that 93% of marketers are now using social media for business? Here are some current facts and figures to keep in mind…

  • In 2 years, the number of people using the Internet via mobile phone increased by 60.3%
  • Facebook now has over 65 million daily users
  • Twitter saw 44% growth from June 2012-March 2013
  • Every second, two new people join LinkedIn
  • YouTube reaches more US adults (ages 18-34) than any cable network
  • Click here to see more top stats

Check in next week to see what’s new in social media. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments!

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