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This Week In Social Media: Promoted Pins Are [Almost] Here, Twitter Adds A Mute Button, and More!

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Patrick Carroll

May 26 2014

This Week in Social MediaThis week in social media has us excited about Pinterest and promoted pin beta testing, we check out a profile ranking tool on LinkedIn, Evernote steps into the biz card game (with help from LinkedIn), and Twitter finally lets you quiet things down in your home feed.

The Next Phase of Promoted Pins

We’ve been waiting anxiously for promoted pins and last week Pinterest finally announced that they’re finally here still being tested. Big brands, like Gap, are taking advantage of promoted pins while we sit and wait for the official launch. The good news, they’re getting closer…Pinterest Ads

What this means for you?

If you’re a Pinterest user your stream is going to be occasionally interrupted by paid ads. They look exactly like normal pins and will be highly targeted so its unlikely that they’ll be bothersome. If you’re a business waiting to use Pinterest Ads, get excited. Pinterest has an audience that’s ready to buy, and when they buy, they spend a lot. Currently, there’s no word on what we can expect for CPC or CPM.


Edit Your Twitter Experience with “Mute”

twitter update, muteTwitter is noisy. It’s so loud that we can’t remember the last time we looked through our home feed. Users have been creating lists to combat the clutter and make Twitter a more enjoyable experience but this new update may bring users back to rarely used home feeds. With a simple click Tweeters can now silence annoying users without unfollowing their profile. 

Why does this matter?

Why not just unfollow users? Twitter doesn’t want you to lose any friends (or business) over twitter un-follows, so this is your next best option to quiet down the loud voices in your feed. Also, muting a user instead of unfollowing them will still allow you to use the direct messaging feature that comes with a mutual follow. 


LinkedIn Launches  “How You Rank”


LinkedIn’s new tool helps you understand how your profile is ranking VS your connections based on profile views. This new profile optimization tool shows who the most viewed profiles are within your network and compares how your views rank within your personal network. 

Does this even matter?

At first glance, this new ranking tool just looks like a meaningless comparison tool to get your competitive juices flowing and get you more active on LinkedIn. But, as LinkedIn turns into a powerful professional search engine, there are some ways to take advantage of the tool. Take a look at the most viewed members in your list of connections and take notes on what they’re doing to optimize their profiles (summery, job description, their activity), and try to emulate some of their strategies. Then, check back a few weeks later to see if your ranking has improved. 


Digitizing Business Cards: Evernote Connects with LinkedIn

linkedin evernoteIf you already use a business card app, Evernote just made it obsolete. Evernote’s newest feature allows you to capture a business card with your camera, upload it into your Evernote contacts and meetings notes, all while auto-populating any missing information (including an image) from LinkedIn.

This is really cool. 

These new feature allows you to quickly send your contact information to the business card owner, connect on LinkedIn, or save the contact in your phone’s address book. It takes a few steps out of post-networking reconnecting, let’s you take detailed notes on the fly, and makes it super simple to follow-up on potential opportunities.  


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