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Pinterest Local Notifications

Patrick Carroll

Jun 30 2014

This week in social media marks a huge boost for local businesses on Pinterest, Facebook’s new log in finally pushes more privacy, and product Ads become even more robust.

New Pinterest Notifications

With the new Pinterest update for Android, small businesses are getting a huge boost. Each time you walk by that clothing shop whose dresses you always pin, Pinterest is going to let you know. Not only will the new Android update, notify you of Pins around you, it will even send directions directly to your phone or wearable device. This smart move by Pinterest is giving local businesses an amazing opportunity to get customers in the doors.

Anonymous Login, Facebook

I love the ease of logging into an app or a website with my Facebook profile but I’m really tired of Facebook awarding these apps with my e-mail address. Facebook’s new anonymous log in will allow you the same ease of use but without compromising your profile data. Look for apps to be launching this feature in the coming months.

LinkedIn’s New Job Search App

Available on IOS devices only, this new LinkedIn app focuses soley on finding you a job. The app allows you to search for job type and location, and allows you to one-click apply with your LinkedIn Profile if the job poster has enabled that feature. An additional bonus: All app activity is kept private from your network so you can put off those awkward conversations as long as possible.

Besides the incredibly easy user experience, this new app doesn’t offer any additional functionality that’s not available in the standard LinkedIn App. We’ll notify you of any new updates to the job search app that will make it more powerful and a necessary download, but until now, you’re okay to stick with the original LinkedIn App.

facebook multiproduct adsFacebook’s Multi-Product Ads

This incredible new update has potentially turned newsfeed ads into online stores.  Facebook Ads are now capable of hosting multiple products within each individual Ad. Users can scroll through the ad to view the products, each with their own description and link. Facebook even boosted the retargeting function for this update, giving you more options for targeting former website visitors, most impressively, targeting based on purchase totals.

My guess for the next step, one-click purchases directly in the newsfeed.


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