Demographics in Social Media

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Krista Neher

Mar 24 2011

You may assume that social media use is contained to only younger generations, however, these days this is not the case.  Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are reporting high percentages of users from almost every age group.  With the many ways to use social media it’s no wonder everyone wants in on it.

1. One study at pingdom.com found that 25% of users were aged 35-44. This is by far  the age group that is most dominant on the web.**

2. Below is the graph of the study at pingdom.com:

average age distribution across social network sites

3. The study further broke down their results to show the ages of the users participating on individual social sites.

age distribution on social network sites

4. As you can see, Bebo is more popular with younger demographics, such as the ages below 17, which makes up 44% of their users

5. Myspace also has a high  percentage of users under 17, which is about 33%.

6. Classmates.com had the largest amount (8%) of users aged over 65.

7. However, 78% of users on Classmates.com are aged over 35.

8. 64% of Twitter users and 61% of users on Facebook are 35 years old or more.

9.  The age group of 0-17 dominates four of the above 19 social media sites.

10. This may be surprising but, 18-24 year olds are not the most common users on any of the sites studied. Also the ages of  55 and up do not dominate the population of any sites either.

11.  Age group 25-34 tops one of the 19 sites studied.

12. The most dominante group it seems, the  35-44 year olds, top nine of the 19 sites.

13.  45-54 year olds top three out of 19 sites.

14. The average user ages for each site are included in the graph below:

average age on social network sites

15. The average social media user is 37 years old.

16. Of Facebooks millions of users, there is a slightly higher percent of females.

17. While, LinkedIn has slightly higher percentages of  male users.

18. Below is a graph of the wealth of average users on the social media sites of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

affluence on social media


**if you are wondering why its the 35-44 year olds ruling social media remember that these were the people that were in their  20’s when the internet took off in the middle off the 1990’s.

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  1. Thank you. These stats are very helpful as I educate late adopters about social media. Here’s a stat I’ve been citing (from Inbound Marketing) — about 165 million Americans will use social networks by 2014, including about 57 percent of 55-64 year olds and 28 percent of those 65 or older. By 2013, 142 million will read bllgs.

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