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3 Digital Detox Secrets Marketers Can’t Survive Without from Lisa Buyer

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Melissa Byers

Nov 01 2018

We live in an unavoidable digital world, with higher stress levels, more work and less time but completely disconnecting is just not realistic. As social media professionals, we are online even more than the average person and this can have huge negative impacts. Here are three practical digital detox secrets that will keep you sane while making a living in a heavily-digital world from an expert interview with Lisa Buyer. Join Digital Marketing Insiders for a free 14-day trial now to watch the recording, which is loaded with tips every digital marketer needs.

1. Re-evaluate what makes sense.

Don’t accept everything that’s on your plate. It’s okay to say no sometimes even if you’ve been doing this thing year after year, even if someone expects you to do it, even if you’ve already said yes, and even if you feel obligated in any way. If “it” doesn’t make sense in that it makes you happy, supports your growth, relaxes you, or it helps you in some way, then let it go with no guilt. 

2. Set up your social notifications to see friends, family, and pages you WANT to see so that you don’t see much else.

Sometimes social is heavy and it’s almost impossible to not absorb it while you’re on it all day for work. Therefore, when you’re on it for personal, intentionally do your best to weed out what you know you won’t want to see and fill your feed with what you do. Lisa suggests maxing out your notifications, marking as many of your favorite people and pages as “see first” as possible. 

3. Use digital to your advantage so it’s not using you

It seems humorous to suggest using apps for a digital detox, but not if you’re smart about which ones. Lisa regularly uses a few apps because they serve her in ways that she gains and doesn’t have her scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…

Here a few of Lisa’s favorites:

Insight Timer – This app offers meditation with tons of options, music, and courses

Buddhify – This is a meditation and mindfulness app

Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Experience – Lisa loves the accountability of a challenge!

BONUS TIP: Don’t underestimate the use of rituals

Sometimes the space in which we consume digital can have an impact on how we receive it. Make your space as zen as possible. Lisa uses candles, incense, and water. But the “what” doesn’t matter because these rituals are personal to you. Don’t dismiss how powerful they can be for getting our minds in the right spot to work in digital without the negative affects. 

Lisa Buyer, owner and founder at the Buyer Group, a social PR agency, adjunct professor and author of the best-selling. Social PR Secrets is passionate about creating space in your digital life for happiness and productivity. Her next book, Digital Detox Secrets, explores finding balance and detoxing in a healthy way.

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