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Digital Marketing 101: Get Your Foundations in Order


I work with thousands of businesses each year and answer thousands of questions about digital marketing and strategy. One of the things that most often strikes me is that businesses of all sizes (from national brands to smaller startups) want to try something fun before they even have the foundations of digital marketing in order.

Before jumping in to the hottest new social network, get your foundations in order. Many businesses want to focus on traffic driving strategies before they even have a good website.

Focus on the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Your Website

If you don’t have a good website nothing else matters. Create a great website so that the rest of your digital marketing works. This should always come first.

Conversion Strategy

Have a clear conversion plan for your website. When someone visits your site, what do you want them to do? Have a clear plan to turn website visitors into customers. Do you have a sales process that quickly follows up with leads and prospects?


Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools. Create a solid email marketing strategy to connect and convert customers over time.


Optimize your site for search engines. Getting results from this may take time, but many businesses are missing out on good traffic because their site is not optimized.


Online advertising, especially adwords is a great opportunity for any business. Spend a little bit of money to get qualified people to your site.

Social Media

Social media can build loyalty, drive word-of-mouth and bring new customers to your business. There are lots of opportunities, so spend your time here wisely.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a big bucket that means a lot of things – content marketing is about creating valuable content that connects with consumers in a meaningful way. Content marketing involves creating content, converting leads and driving traffic to your site. This is especially powerful in B-to-B marketing.

Get the foundations in order before you start experimenting with new and unproven methods. Start with your website – the home base of all of your online marketing and grow from there.

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