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Digital Marketing Foundations: What Every Business Professional MUST Know

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Krista Neher

May 12 2017

In 2017, digital marketing foundations are more important than ever. Companies are spending $83 billion this year alone and that number is expected to grow. If you want to be a relevant business leader you can’t afford to ignore it any longer – or not fully understand it. It isn’t going anywhere and it getting bigger. It’s not a trend.

Digital is changing the way people make decisions, their expectations of business, and how their perceptions are shaped. If you want to stay relevant as a business professional – even if you aren’t in marketing – you need to understand digital.

The challenge is that you probably don’t have the time – and it can be intimidating and seem to be filled with jargon.

You need to understand core digital marketing foundations if you want to be relevant today:

Digital Marketing Strategy

What is digital marketing and why does it matter to businesses? How can you incorporate digital into your strategies to stay relevant to consumers where they spend their time?

Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the biggest game-changers with digital marketing. Consumers expect businesses to meet them on social networks and engage in relevant conversations. Top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more are all a part of this ecosystem that is changing your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a bit of a “buzz word” but what it’s really about is creating great stuff that people love, and using it strategically. While this may sound simple, the reality is that it’s pretty complex and getting it right can be tricky.


Translation: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Ads, and Search Engine Marketing. The reality is that people searching are the most motivated audience that you can have – they’re looking for your business, category, or industry. If you don’t have a clear plan to get in front of them, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity (regardless of your business or industry).

Websites, Usability, and Conversion Planning

Websites have been around for a long time and it’s easier than ever to create a nice site that makes your business look professional. But is your website really working well for you? Is it driving highly qualified customers to your business? Does it have the right content? Does it motivate people to take action?

Email Marketing / Direct Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective ways to drive action and continue a relationship with customers. In some global markets it’s less relevant but direct messaging apps like What’s App, We Chat, or even Facebook Messenger are driving conversations. The reality is that you need to regularly connect with your audience in a highly relevant way.

Digital Advertising

As more time is spent online, your advertising budget should also be shifting. Digital is the most targeted and measurable medium advertising has ever seen and the best news is you can get started regardless of your budget! If you don’t understand why and how this is huge, you are missing a giant opportunity.

Community Building / Digital PR / Influencer Marketing & Word Of Mouth

Digital is changing the way that we interact with people and helping businesses become closer to their customers. This provides a unique opportunity to connect with customers who WANT to talk to you about your business. Smart businesses use digital marketing for both push messaging and to engage in conversations.

Measurement and Analytics

Even though digital marketing is highly measurable, most people don’t actually understand how to measure it or how to interpret data. Business leaders often make bad decisions because they misinterpret what they read. They are missing the critical online marketing foundations.

Does this intimidate you? Do you worry that you need a stronger understanding but aren’t sure where to start? Check out our Digital Marketing Foundations Certification to get a jump-start on your understanding. Learn the lingo and get in the know. And click here to get free resources in your inbox, and get started right away.

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