Digital Marketing News May 2022

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Digital Marketing News Updates May of 2022

Krista Neher

May 05 2022

May was a slow month for social media and digital marketing updates…. BUT … there are lots of GREAT research reports. I know I have a to-do list of 13 items based on the inspiration and ideas from the news this month…

Facebook News Updates

For the first time (in a long time) we have no Facebook news updates. Maybe we’ll see some big updates next month!

Instagram News Updates

LinkedIn News Updates

  • Pages can Create Newsletters – If you are looking to grow your impact from your Page, a Newsletter could be a great option. This allows people to subscribe and get regular updates from your business. Since this is a new feature, it may be a good idea to test or focus on building an audience before you put too much time into creating the Newsletters.
  • LinkedIn Profiles Allow URL – This wasn’t an official announcement, but was spotted on LinkedIn. There is now an option to add a URL to your profile. This is a great way to direct people to your personal site or business.
  • LinkedIn Shares Most In-Demand Skills – AGAIN – Digital marketing tops the charts of in-demand skills globally. There has never been a better time to upskill.

YouTube News Updates

Twitter News Updates

Industry Research and News

  • Marketing Channels vs. Funnel Stages – This chart plots marketing channels/tools against the stage of the funnel they most influence (according to marketers). It is a great visual to see how marketers are using different tools as a part of their full-funnel strategy.
  • Best Times to Post on Social Media – Even though it is the diet pill of social media, knowing when to post can add an edge to your strategy. Check out the best times to post.
  • Meta is Testing Money Making Tools for the Metaverse – This isn’t new. Second life had monetization. But as Meta looks to grow the Metaverse they are actively exploring monetization.
  • See WHO is in The Metaverse – Check out this study that shows the demographics most aware of and participating in the Metaverse.

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