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Enhance Your Virtual Meetings With Zoom AI

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Enhance Your Virtual Meetings With Zoom AI

Krista Neher

Dec 28 2023

Virtual Meetings are Enhanced with Zoom’s New Generative AI

One of the best adoptions of Generative AI is seen in Zoom’s integration into their platform. At Boot Camp Digital, we’ve explored various conferencing platforms since we went entirely virtual in 2018, including GoTo Meeting and Google Meet. However, our go-to solution for our global team was Zoom. Here are some of the new AI features we currently use and others you should try for your team to enhance your virtual meetings with Zoom AI.

Build an Avatar

We have all experienced not wanting to be on camera or just wanting the video off. What we love about the avatar feature is that it gives us the best of both worlds. We get the interactivity of movement and expression that you miss with static images, but it is not the real you. Now the options are limited currently, but we foresee that these will expand as more users use this option.
Zoom Avatars

Integrate Apps

Zoom has offered app integration for a while, but now you can add AI Apps and more workspace-friendly apps to your list. For example, we use Asana and have integrated it into our Zoom Team Account. This is a great way to keep our team accountable during our calls and allows us to better manage big projects. Learn more about integrating Asana + Zoom. You can also turn on native apps like a timer, group picture, and more.

Zoom Team Options

Pro Tip: If you have trouble sticking to your agenda, use the native Timer function to set a timer for agenda items and keep your team meetings on track.

Use Video Filters and Virtual Backgrounds

Video Filters and Virtual Backgrounds have been around for a while but are continuously adapting. Our team has created video filters to stay branded when backgrounds are not used. Add a video filter or background if you want an easy way to add branding to your virtual experience. It takes a few minutes in Canva.
Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Turn on Enable Captions for Meetings in Multi-Language

Zoom has had caption options available; however, with the new AI Companion update, it has launched closed caption options in multiple languages. What is excellent about the feature is that it allows the participant to choose the language they would like the closed captions to be in. As a global company, this is a massive value-add during meetings and live webinars.

Utilize Meeting Summary

The meeting summary is by far our favorite new feature. After each meeting, you will get a summary of what happened if this feature is turned on. This is HUGE for sending recaps. Additionally, it will store your recaps for you in your Meeting Summary tab. So, if you have back-to-back meetings and need to send follow-ups at the end of the day, you can head over to the Meeting Summary tab and BAM! Everything you need is right there.

Try Smart Recording

The sister to meeting summary is smart recording. After each recorded meeting, you will get a summary of what happened in your recordings. It includes meeting highlights, smart chapters(great for podcasters), next steps, and meeting coach. So, if you are someone who records your meeting and likes to send action items in the next steps, this is an excellent tool for you. Furthermore, the Meeting Coach is a tool to provide you with private individualized feedback based on your tendencies from your meetings.
Zoom Meeting Recap

Invest in Team Functions

Lastly, the AI Companion tools helped boost team functionality within Zoom. This includes creating a Team Chat Summary, Chat AI Compose, Whiteboard AI Generation, Email AI Compose, and Notes. These are great features for large teams who may be looking to utilize Zoom as a one-stop communication tool.

Whether you are a smaller team or a large corporation, learning to harness the utility of Zoom AI will allow you to enhance your virtual meetings and take them to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve and test these features today to see what will work best for your team.

Learn more about Generative AI training for your team today through Boot Camp Digital’s Generative AI courses.

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