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Why Employees Need Generative AI Training And How to Give it to Them

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Why Employees Need Generative AI Training And How to Give it to Them

Krista Neher

Feb 07 2024

Why Is Generative AI Training Important For Businesses and Organizations?

Generative AI holds significant promise for businesses and their employees. Its importance lies in its ability to generate new content, data, or insights autonomously, offering businesses and organizations innovative solutions to complex problems. The key to effectively using generative AI properly is maximizing its potential and understanding the risks. Here are four compelling reasons why generative AI is crucial for businesses and how to support them with training.

NOTE: AI Employee Training is vital for successfully using AI in your organization.

1. Predictive Insights and Decision-Making

Understanding how generative AI processes user-provided information to generate outcomes is crucial for making data-driven decisions. The potential uses of AI are vast, encompassing millions of tasks and outcomes. By learning to leverage these, businesses and organizations can make informed decisions, anticipate market shifts, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Answer questions
  • Summarize long content
  • Create or simplify content
  • Develop processes and strategies

To leverage your generative AI by making your predictive insights and decision-making more fine-tuned, try these training courses:

ChatGPT Prompt Optimization Pro Tips (20 min)

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Specifiers (15 min)

ChatGPT Foundations (25 min)

2. Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Generative AI empowers businesses and organizations to unleash their creativity. The quality of their creativity is linked to the quality of the prompt inputs and understanding of AI. You’ve probably heard the term “garbage in, garbage out”; when you have the skills to ask specific and clear questions, you’ll get better results. Acquire the know-how to formulate specific and clear prompts and valuable follow-ups.

Whether designing new products, creating compelling marketing content, or optimizing sales processes, generative AI sparks creativity and fosters a culture of innovation within businesses and organizations. Here are five courses that will help you maximize your creativity and innovation:

ChatGPT Prompt Optimization Pro Tips (20 min)

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Specifiers (15 min)

ChatGPT for Productivity (20 min)

ChatGPT for Marketing (20 min)

ChatGPT for Sales (20 min)

3. Transforming Executive Innovation

AI tools’ versatility to support a range of tasks makes them widely used across organizations. Executives can unlock new opportunities, optimize operations, and pioneer innovative solutions. This transformation is not limited to the C-suite! Here are a few examples:

  • Executives: Identify business opportunities, evaluate market gaps, create growth plans
  • Human Resources: Create job descriptions, research compensation packages, and develop hiring processes
  • Sales: Design email templates, create sales materials, incorporate best practices
  • Finance: Summarize complex metrics, build plans, and provide easily digestible explanations of data
  • IT Professionals: Create codes, develop IT plans

Change often happens from the top down. If you are an executive and want to start transforming your organization’s generative AI, then you should start with these two trainings:

ChatGPT for Executives (25 min)

ChatGPT for Productivity (20 min)

4. Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Generative AI is neither immune to risks nor a substitution for human oversight. The worst thing an organization can do is ignore the fact that their employees use AI. When we think about the possible risks of generative AI to an organization or business, they include the following:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Bias
  • Training
  • Transparency
  • And more…

Organizations and businesses can protect their employees and themselves by providing training so that employees understand the risks AI creates and how to minimize them. Here are two trainings to help you mitigate risk for your employees:

ChatGPT Cybersecurity Risks (25 min)

AI Employee Security & Usage Policy (30 min)

Learn more about Generative AI training for your team today through Boot Camp Digital’s Generative AI courses.

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