Is a Facebook boost right for every post or only certain posts?

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Krista Neher

Sep 28 2017

A Facebook boost is so tempting, isn’t it? Every time you post on Facebook you’re offered the option of spending a few dollars to reach a substantial audience. But is boosting EVERY post the right strategy?

The truth about Facebook organic reach

If your unboosted Facebook posts get outstanding organic reach, congratulations! That’s an atypical result. For the rest of us, we know that the number people who see your post is really low – roughly 0.2% on average. Multiply your total number of Facebook followers by 0.002 and there’s your number. Startling, isn’t it? What this means is that Facebook has truly become a “pay-to-play” environment.

If what you’re posting on Facebook is something that is good content for your brand strategy (content that is relevant to your business and audience), think strongly about boosting it. You put valuable time and effort into creating it. Isn’t it worth being seen by more than 0.2% of your audience? If your answer isn’t an immediate “yes” perhaps you should spend a few minutes thinking about what you post on Facebook. Maybe every post doesn’t fall into the boost-worthy category, the majority should.

Facebook boost strategy

Set aside a small budget for most of your posts otherwise you’re talking to an empty room. For small business, we recommend a small spend amount of money over a longer time period, for example $1 a day for 30 days. Targeted individuals will likely see it more than once, but that’s okay. Repeated messaging that’s of value increases brand recall.

You don’t need to post thing that aren’t strategic for your brand and of value, For everything else, ask yourself this question. If it’s worth my time to create and post it, why is it not worth the money to get people to see it?

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