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Facebook F8 Conference Roundup

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Krista Neher

May 08 2018

Facebook F8 Conference Roundup – Mobile VR, Social VR, AR Camera Effects, Group Video Chat, 3D Posts, and More.

The Facebook F8 conference, named for Facebook’s tradition of 8-hour hackathons, was held in San Jose, California May 1st and 2nd. The annual conference is intended for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around Facebook. Here’s some developments coming out of this year’s Facebook F8 conference.

Oculus Go – Mobile VR

Last week, Facebook released Oculus Go – the first stand-alone VR headset. The device works without the need for an expensive PC hookup, external audio, or slipping in a smart phone and requires little setup. The device is an all-in-one headset starting at a very approachable $199.00.

In March 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2billion. At the time, Oculus had only released a development prototype of its headset, but Facebook had big plans in mind for virtual reality. With last week’s release of the Oculus Go, Facebook has become the forerunner in bringing mobile VR to the mainstream. With this accessibility to VR technology, both in cost and in the profoundly smaller learning curve, look for highly-engaging content and capabilities that bring people from all over the world together.

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Just days after Facebook releases the Oculus Go, Google and Lenovo released a standalone VR headset called the Lenovo Mirage Solo for $399.00. Check out this review and comparison of the two devices from Wired.

Social VR

Facebook released its first social VR app, Spaces, in April 2017. The app allows Facebook users to interact with each other in virtual reality environments if both users have the Oculus Rift headset. Users are able to view photos of friends and talk to 3D-rendered versions of their friends in real-time, as well as make and receive Messenger video calls, and draw 3D objects.

Continuing the bold move into social VR, a new app called Oculus Venues was announced at last week’s conference. The app will allow users to experience live sporting events, comedy shows, and concerts. The app is set to launch May 30th and is compatible with the Gear VR and the just-released Oculus Go. This app is the latest in Facebook’s mission to connect people and enhance relationships.

Instagram and Messenger are Getting AR Camera Effects

AR Camera Effects are launching in Instagram and Messenger. With this release, anyone can build face filters and effects on these platforms and see effects that are relevant to the user. It’s exciting to see how brands adapt to augmented reality content. Interested in integrating AR into your digital marketing campaign? Check out these articles.

Group Video Chat

Instagram and What’s App now have capabilities for video chat allowing a user to live chat with up to four people.

3D Posts

Soon consumers will be able to post 3D, rotatable models to their newsfeed. Using machine-learning technology, Facebook will also soon will be releasing a feature that turns 2D photos into 3D images. It’s not too far away that these 3D posts will become tools for AR campaigns.


Other announcements include a Facebook dating app, a new privacy feature called “Clear History”, and Messenger instant translation. Watch the conference keynotes and all other sessions here.


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