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Krista Neher

Jan 23 2019

UPDATE: While the shutdown has ended for the moment, we are keeping this offer open until a permanent agreement is reached. Please apply here: bootcampdigital.com/FED

We’ve been watching the news of the government shutdown, and the impact on federal employees and their families and wanted to do something to help.

While we can’t impact the shutdown, we can try to help some of the people impacted by it. We’ve had the privilege to work with talented people at the federal government over the years, and they are truly committed and dedicated people.

As a company that spends a lot of time traveling, we appreciate the TSA agents continuing to work to keep us safe and allow our business to continue to operate. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all federal employees, and in this spirit wanted to help, however we can.

We are grateful for federal employees continuing to work so that we can continue to run our business, so we wanted to give back.

We are offering 3 months of free access to our All Access Pass Training ($291 value) to federal employees. No strings attached. We don’t need your credit card. We won’t try to bill you at the end. We just want to give you access to our training with the hopes that it can in some way help.

The training includes over 30 online training courses on topics like LinkedIn, Facebook Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Strategy and more and is designed for beginner to advanced marketers.

Click Here to Apply for Free Social Media and Digital Marketing Training for Federal Workers.

free digital marketing training for federal employees

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