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How are Professionals Using Social Media? Mostly for Marketing

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Krista Neher

Jun 28 2010

Think social media is just a fad?  Think again.  Social Media use by business professionals is high and growing.  The vast majority of professionals across the world are using social media technologies for business purposes, according to an August 2009 survey by Mzinga and Babson Executive Education. 86% of respondents to the survey of professionals from different industries said they had adopted social technologies. This underscores that social media isn’t just a fad – business professionals are adopting social media and getting results.  Have you started leveraging social media for your organization yet?

The survey also explored which specific business areas professionals are using social media for. The most common use of social media is for Marketing, with 57% of professionals using social media for this purpose.

If your organization isn’t using social media yet, what are you waiting for?  While marketing receives a lot of hype it isn’t the only way that organizations and professionals are using social media.  In addition to marketing businesses are using social media for internal collaboration and learning, customer service and support, sales, human resources, strategy and product development.

How are you using Social Media professionally?

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  1. I agree that the social media is also a big factor in marketing such business online. The fact that people now a days are very fun of using this social media site such as twitter,facebook,my space etc. This can drive traffic through out networking and advertisement or in such a way that people spread it.Thanks

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