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How to Create a Digital Training Program for your Advertising Agency

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Krista Neher

Mar 04 2011

Ad agencies are quickly trying to get up to speed on digital and internet marketing.  We work with many of them each year to develop comprehensive, integrated learning plans for them.

A recent Wall Street Journal study showed that the biggest agencies are spending 1 million a year on their digital training programs.  Advertising agencies are beginning to see that they need to learn digital to stay competitive.  Even conservative businesses like financial services and pharma are increasingly going digital.

To stay competitive, your advertising agency needs to know digital.  And not just your digital team.  The best social media and digital marketing strategies are integrated or build off of traditional marketing.  Having a “digitally fit” organization will improve your ability to offer outstanding digital solutions to your clients.

Consider WHO Needs to be Trained

Chances are it is your entire organization.  The question is what parts of the training each department should attend.  For example client services, project management and creative may all have different training paths.  Consider who in your organization should be trained.

Know WHAT you want to get out of the Training

Understand your goals and objectives and be able to articulate them clearly.  Involve key people from each of the departments in this discussion.  Ask them to help develop the objectives.

Be REALISTIC about your budget vs your goals

Many agencies want a full integrated year-long training plan for a small budget.  While a plan can be created for almost any budget, if you are serious about training your agency you’ll need to allocate a budget that includes live training and a continuing training program.

Consider MULTIPLE vendors for different parts of the training

Usually one company can’t do it all.  Consider working with multiple companies that each specialize in different aspects of digital to get the best results.

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