How to Generate Business Leads from LinkedIn

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Krista Neher

Mar 09 2011

This is a common question from sales professionals.  Many of them wonder how they can use LinkedIn to generate more sales leads.  Linkedin is a very powerful social network, and one that many sales professionals overlook.  Creating your account is only the first step.  You must do much more to get real results from LinkedIn.

There are 4 key opportunities for how companies can use linkedin to generate business leads.

1) Company Pages

If there are specific companies that you are targeting follow their company pages on LinkedIn.  This will alert you to any significant news or changes at the company.  It can keep you apprised to relevant changes at the organization.

2) Search

LinkedIn search is extremely robust.  Leverage LinkedIn search to find people in specific roles at specific companies who may be able to help you.  When you find the search results of the specific person you were seeking you can also see who you know that is connected to them.  Ask for an introduction from a common friend.  Getting this warm introduction can be the first step on your path to sales success.

3) Groups

Groups are widely underutilized, but if you are familiar with content marketing as a strategy you can be very successful in generating inbound leads through LinkedIn.  Participate in groups by showing your expertise in a specific subject matter area.  Target groups that your audience participates in and look for opportunities to share your expertise with them.  This can result in your sales prospects proactively coming to you.

4) Q&A

The LinkedIn Q&A can also be a relevant resource to share your expertise and answer specific questions pertaining to your business.  Again, you do not have to overtly sell or market, but showing your expertise and knowledge can result in your prospects coming to you.

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