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How to Level-Set the Digital Skills in Your Company (Infographic)

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Krista Neher

Apr 29 2021

“We need everyone on the same page, speaking the same language.”

“Not everyone has a strong foundation.”

“Some people have never really done digital before.”

“We have a skill-gap in digital but don’t know where to start”

“Some of our people just don’t get it”

In almost every organization there are a variety of digital skill levels. From advanced digital enthusiasts to those who have been avoiding it.

What is Level-Setting Digital Skills?

This usually means creating a common base understanding of digital. Everyone in the organization understands core concepts and terms and can apply them to their work.

The entire company should have a common understanding and use of terms and know how it applies to their business.

Most level-setting involves the entire organization, but there may also be requirements for different departments.

How Do I Level-Set Digital Skills?

To level-set the digital skills in an organization it is vital to build a plan.

  1. Map Job Skills and Activities Influenced by Digital
    Determine the skills needed based on your industry and the responsibilities of the team. Evaluate the digital (and non-digital) work and skills needed to complete it.
  2. Determine the Digital Fluency Needed
    Determine the fluency levels needed in various digital areas. Digital is a HUGE topic with many different areas. What level of knowledge and skill is needed in which areas?
  3. Assess Where the Team is Now
    Assess the current knowledge of your team. We use a DIGITAL IQ TEST to evaluate knowledge levels as a starting point. This will show you the gaps between current and desired knowledge and skills.
  4. Create a Level-Set Training
    Build a training program to level-set the organization. Training shows you are committed to investing in the skills of the team. It is an effective way to close the gap and can be optimized to fit into any schedule.
  5. Measure the Impact
    Measure the impact of the training. Assess the knowledge and skills after the training and compare this to the desired levels for job performance. This will show where you still have gaps to address and where you have closed the gap.
  6. Offer Additional Skill Development
    Some people will want to learn and consume more. LET THEM! Chances are you won’t have fully closed your gap with one training. Incorporate more opportunities for a variety of skill levels to continue on their journey.
  7. Adapt and Improve
    Digital is always evolving and changing. Be prepared to change with it. Adapt your plan as needed to fit the changing needs of your organization. Continuously survey the organization (formally or informally) to uncover new opportunities.

How to level set digital skills infographic

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