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Inbound Marketing: The Connected CRM Strategy

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Inbound Marketing The Connected CRM Strategy

Krista Neher

Apr 04 2023

Inbound Marketing: The Connected CRM Strategy

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services through online content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. I like to call inbound marketing the Connected CRM strategy because it uses “pull marketing” to attract or connect clients to you. It is designed to bring qualified leads to your business and convert them over time.

Most businesses use a strategy of creating great content on their website with strong lead generation built-in. The content is promoted through digital channels to attract people to it. Once they provide their information, they follow up via CRM, and marketing automation pushes them to become a customer.

3 stages of inbound marketing

The 3 Stages of Inbound Marketing

HubSpot has distilled the process of inbound marketing down to Attract, Engage, and Delight.

Attract is what draws prospects into your business, and this could be paid or organic. A strong attraction strategy brings the highest qualified leads to you.

Engage tools create a relationship by getting the right message to the right person at the right time. The main objective of engaging is to draw them in to engage, so you can capture their information and continue to communicate with them.

Delight, is when the right information is provided to your customer to inspire them to do business with you.

Implementing Inbound Marketing

Successfully implementing inbound marketing requires seamlessly connecting multiple parts of the marketing funnel. While not technically complex, executing each area with excellence is challenging for many businesses. Many businesses invest in inbound marketing software, but ultimately struggle to effectively implement it across the three stages.

Power Tip:

Before investing in CRM or inbound marketing software, nail some of the basic elements required for success. Build a solid content and lead generation strategy before tackling the post-lead conversion process.

Many CRM systems have features built-in to support inbound marketing, but there are also tools built specifically for this purpose. HubSpot and Marketo are two of the most popular inbound marketing platforms for small and medium businesses, especially.

Taken from Krista Neher’s best-selling book, “Digital Marketing That Actually Works”. You can find this and more books at Boot Camp Digital


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