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Krista Neher

Dec 01 2009

Twitter is all the rage these days, and a few individuals and organizations have done some great research on twitter trends and how twitter is being used.

2% of Tweets Match Google Trending Topics

google trends

First, Techcrunch recently reported that only 2% of all tweets match trending topics on google. So what?  Why does this matter?  What does this mean?

twitter trends

Well at a base level it means that people don’t tweet about the same things that they search for.  I just pulled twitter trends and google trends.  As you can see there is some overlap, but not much.

What people are searching for and what they are talking about are not necessarily the same thing.  Twitter trending topics tend to be more focused on popular culture (MusicMonday/MM, New Moon), technology (google wave) and general things going on (Christmas and Thanksgiving).

As Twitter Search continues to attract attention from major search engines it will be interesting to see more data on how search and conversation overlap.

Vik Singh’s Twitter Analysis

Vik Singh (the engineer behind Yahoo Boss) conducted an analysis of 10 million tweets and shared some trends and findings.

  • Percentage of Tweets with URLS: ~18%
  • (Percentage of those which were unique URLs: ~65%)
  • Percentage of messages @replies or other @x terms: ~37%
  • Percentage of messages with #hashtags: ~7%
  • Percentage of messages with retweets: ~1%

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