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Krista Neher

Jun 15 2017

Last week we worked with a client to run a Global Digital Marketing Livecast to all of their markets around the globe.

Running events like this last year would have involved software downloads and licensing expensive webinar software. For this program we instead used YouTube Live to LiveStream the event. We’ve been using YouTube Live for a few months now for our Digital Marketing Masters Training Livecasts every month. After a few initial hiccups we found that it was a simple and effective way to stream a live event.

How To Run a Global Digital Program with YouTube Live

  1. Get a YouTube channel
  2. Setup a Live Event
  3. Embed the Live Event on Your Site (optional)
  4. Invite people to join (and tell them when and where to go)
  5. Stream the event (you may need encoding software which is free)
  6. The recording is automatically shared

Benefits of Virtual Digital Training with YouTube Live

  • No setup for participants – Participants can simply open a webpage with YouTube (or go to YouTube and view the event). No downloads or joining webinars or meetings.
  • No technology issues – There are no technology issues since it is simply YouTube.
  • Works on all devices and globally – YouTube works everywhere so there are no worries about compatibility with mobile or Macs or outdated browsers.
  • Embed it on your site – People can watch directly from your site – so you can use it to drive traffic or broadcast from a password protected area.
  • Automatic recording and posting – The video is automatically converted into a YouTube video (which you can edit) so you don’t have to record and upload.
  • Simultaneously stream live on multiple platforms – We didn’t do this but if you use the right software you can stream your event live to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and more all at once.

Advantages of Live Digital Training

Live training is always the most engaging platform, but a virtual live event is a cost effective way to connect people across an organization with a live event. Live Streaming technology means that it is easy to create these events – all you need is a camera and an internet connection.

As we continue to work with companies on educating and inspiring their organization around digital marketing we will continue to experiment with Live Streaming to connect people around the globe.

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