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5 Tips For Integrating Emerging Technology Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Krista Neher

Nov 07 2017

Are you considering integrating new technologies into your digital marketing strategy but you don’t know where to begin?

The pace at which new technologies are progressing is impressive. Every day advancements are being made, networks are growing and new ideas are taking flight.

The question is no longer can it be done – the question now is, what is it that you want to do.

As marketers, we have the opportunity at every step of the brand funnel to communicate our brand values to the consumer.

Whether we’re raising awareness, creating interest, increasing desire, driving action, catering retention, or inspiring advocacy of our brand, we need to reach our target audience in ways that are interesting and that promote action.

With the flourish of new technologies, the options we have to communicate our brand values are incredible.

However, despite the excitement of all these options, knowing how this can integrate this into your digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming.

It’s not about coming up with the newest, shiniest object.

Rather, consider how to communicate your message using the technology-at-hand in a smart and creative way.

Use these tips when integrating emerging technology into your digital marketing strategy, when you don’t know where to begin.

1. Don’t complicate it.

Your ideas don’t need to be groundbreaking.

Keep it simple but use new technologies in a creative way.To promote a new microbatch flavor, Ben & Jerry’s deployed a game within Facebook Messenger utilizing the new augmented reality filter.

Players are challenged to catch in their mouth as many marshmallows as possible as they drop from the sky. Play it here.

The user interface is rough, the ask to the consumer is simple, but the interaction is entertaining and shareable.

2. What’s in it for the consumer?

Consumers want to connect with communities that are important to them and want their contribution to the community to be valued.

How can you integrate new technology into your digital marketing strategy that is inviting and inclusive to your audience?

How are you using consumer feedback to shape your company?

In what ways can consumers interact with your brand that are entertaining?

This summer, Bacardi created a filter on Snapchat Lens that allows users to star in their own music video.

In the 24-hour period that the lens was made available, 18 million fans used the filter.

Bacardi then took the user-generated content to produce an actual music video. Check it out here.

This was one aspect from the Bacardi Sound of Music campaign that utilizes new technologies and user-content in engaging and entertaining ways.

3. Let’s face it, the memory of your campaign will be short-lived and will likely not be written into history, so just have fun with it!

Do something interesting.

Do something people will want to tell their friends and family about.

As a marketer or business owner, it’s important to know what is possible, and to ensure a portion of your resources (time, thoughts, and money) are dedicated to experimenting, and having fun, with these options.

Start by bookmarking some online communities that discuss emerging technologies.

Such as Product Hunt and Growth Hackers.

Set aside time in your calendar each week to reading and asking questions on these sites.

Now imagine how you can integrate these technologies into your own digital marketing strategies.

4. Costs for using emerging technologies are within reach and are getting more affordable every day.

Glimmar, a Cincinnati-based software company, helps agencies and brands create and serve augmented reality experiences direct from mobile ads without the need of a third party app.

“In everything we do,” says Glimmar Co-founder and CEO Aharon Cagle, “we look at ways of getting the consumer to the AR experience in the quickest way possible.”

Don’t dismiss integrating new technologies into your strategy because you have assumed that costs are out of reach.

“We are giving everyone the ability to create and share rich AR experiences,” says Cagle.

In every city, there are talented developers that are coming up with ways to make new technologies accessible to even small and medium sized companies.

5. Dedicate a portion of your resources to coming up with new ideas and experimenting.

The majority of your budget is set aside for the digital marketing activities your customers expect, and for tactics that have been proven valuable.

But it’s also important to set aside time, thoughts and money into coming up with ideas that incorporate emerging technologies.

Don’t get held up wondering if something is possible. Anything is possible.

Prioritize time away from what you are familiar with.


Don’t be overwhelmed.

With an interesting idea sketched out, you’ve already completed the most crucial step in incorporating emerging technology into your digital marketing strategy.

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