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Krista Neher

Apr 04 2019

LinkedIn Pages have been around for a while, but many marketers struggle with how to get real results from their page.


At SXSW we met with LinkedIn and they gave us this handy Checklist for LinkedIn Pages with tips and tricks (plus some future developments) to help you grow your LinkedIn presence.

Want to Grow your LinkedIn Followers?

Some of the best tips on the Checklist (that have worked for us and our clients are):

  • Post content daily – The more active you are the more your account will grow.
  • Great content – Videos work best (natively uploaded) and @tag others to gain more attention (when appropriate).
  • Invite your contacts – You should be able to invite your contacts to like your Page. This could be really big!!! (launching soon)
  • Notify employees in post settings – This will notify your employees of a post so they can share it! YAY! This could be HUGE!!! (launching soon)
  • Promote your Page – Promote your page on other social networks when appropriate with a clear value proposition.

Some of our BONUS TIPS are:

  • Use Hashtags – 3 – 5 Hashtags will grow your exposure on your posts.
  • Get Employees Active – We’ve seen the most Page growth correlate to employee profile growth and activity.
  • Provide a Clear Value Proposition – If your posts focus on internal culture or even job posting they aren’t likely to have broad appeal to your audience. Consider WHY someone should follow your page and what they will get out of it. Then share this value proposition on other channels to encourage a following. Employees can do this as well

Get the LinkedIn Pages Checklist

Download the Complete LinkedIn Page Checklist – Directly from LinkedIn!

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