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LinkedIn Tips for Building Employee Ambassadors

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LinkedIn Tips for building employee ambassadors

Allison Chaney

Dec 23 2020

Corporate teams hire us to train their employees to be effective ambassadors for the brand using LinkedIn. In almost every training, we see a common theme with what’s standing in the way of building strong employee ambassadors.

The key things holding teams back from using their personal profile on LinkedIn to elevate the corporate brand are:

  • lack of knowledge of how the LinkedIn platform works
  • not feeling like they have permission to promote the brand
  • lack of confidence in what “good content” should look like

In our workshops, we empower the teams with the tools they need to successfully use their LinkedIn profile to promote the corporate brand. Here are the top tips we teach in our trainings:

  • Create a powerful profile that stands out. Your goal isn’t to not suck, it’s to look amazing. This is often your first impression or the first experience of a person with the brand so make it count. Create a strong profile that clearly states what you do, who you help, and how you help them. Add details that build credibility and show you as a thought leader for the brand.
  • Post with purpose. When posting on LinkedIn, be clear on your why. Are you promoting the brand to raise awareness in a specific audience? Are you there to generate leads? When you’re clear on why you’re posting, your posts are more likely to drive the results you want.
  • Follow content best practices for posting status updates. Status updates should provide quick value to SCORE attention in the newsfeed.
    • Short – Generally shorter updates perform best.
    • Catchy– Focus on an interesting stat or aspect of the content. Don’t just be descriptive.
    • Obvious– There should be obvious value in the post – whether it is an image, link or text.
    • Relevant – Share status updates that are relevant to your target audience. Why do they care?
    • Expertise – Post status updates that grow your expertise and your personal brand.
  • Participate to drive know, like and trust. There’s a concept in marketing called “know like and trust” which means that the more you are seen, the more people know like and trust you. If you are consistently posting as a brand advocate, this can effectively build trust in the brand overall.
  • Join relevant groups and be active. Groups are a great way to connect with people on LinkedIn outside of your immediate network. You can make new connections and drive more visibility for the brand by being active in relevant groups.

So if your team is struggling with how to use their LinkedIn profile to promote the brand, these tips can help educate and empower them and build confidence. Let’s talk about how a customized workshop can solve the struggles within your team and create a powerful team of ambassadors and a strong LinkedIn presence for your brand. Contact us here to speak with a training specialist.

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