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Mobile-First Over Mobile Optimization

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Mobile-First over Mobile Optimization

Krista Neher

Aug 29 2023

Mobile-First Over Mobile Optimization

When the first iPhone launched in 2007, digital marketers were all about mobile optimization, which means taking your existing desktop-based digital and making it work on mobile. As of 2022, 58% of web traffic is now seen mobile-first by consumers, thus making it more important than ever to make your content from a mobile-first approach over mobile optimization.

How do you design for mobile-first?

Designing for mobile-first means starting your digital projects focused on mobile instead of desktop. Additionally, specific consumption habits make mobile different vs. desktop, which you should account for in your designs.

Smaller screens

This should come as no surprise, but with smaller screen real estate, you need simpler and less complicated designs.

Keep things SIMPLE and CLEAN with less complex designs and shorter content.

Speed of the feed

People move more quickly through content on mobile devices. Facebook, for example, shows significantly faster scrolling through mobile feeds vs. desktop.

Get to the point fast and organize for scanning. Have ONE SINGLE focus and eliminate unnecessary details.

Shorter sessions

On mobile, people typically have shorter sessions. They are on and off devices 80 times a day on average but for less time each session. Let that sink in for a second – 80 times a day on average.

Make your message bite-sized so your main point is transmitted instantly.

Clicking with hands

To facilitate mobile users who click with their hands, make sure that your content is well spread out and clickable links are not too close to each other.

Check that your content can be clicked on and works well on mobile screens.

Mobile calls-to-action

With mobile, people can click and open maps, initiate a phone call, or start to send an email.

Incorporate mobile calls-to-action and mobile functionality into your content.

Check out our course on Digital Content Optimization to help you improve your mobile-first designs.

Big Idea:

The reason mobile first is a challenge for many marketers is that most marketers work on computers – so this is how digital marketing is evaluated. Evaluate digital creative on your phone, not your computer.

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