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The NEW Launchest, our social-media-business-in-a-box, has been released! Save $500!

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Krista Neher

Oct 01 2018

We’re proud to announce that Launchest, our social-media-business-in-a-box, has been fully updated and relaunched!

Social media management is one of the fastest growing career paths! In the next year, 95% of businesses will be on it, only 80% of them are seeing real results, and there’s been a 130% increase in them outsourcing their social media marketing in the past two years. What do those numbers add up to? NOW is the time to start the social media marketing business you’ve always dreamed about.

I’ve worked with thousands of marketers who wanted to take the leap but felt overwhelmed. Some were at the starting line, unsure of how to proceed. Others had made costly mistakes and were hesitant to keep going. My question to them is always the same.

Six months from now will you still be stuck or will you be working with clients, making money?

I understand the time and frustration it takes to piece together the information you need. I get how schedules are packed and you need something self-paced and right-to-the-point. I’ve seen small obstacles totally derail the progress towards a goal. And this is why I relaunched Launchest.

Launchest gives you EVERYTHING you need to start and build a social media business – all in one place. Plus save $500 for a limited time! 

It’s a package I developed while working with hundreds of businesses to get them better results faster by creating PROVEN templates and tools. I’m basically giving you the processes, proposals, strategy, templates, and tactics that I’ve built over 15 years (earning seven figures!) for you to rebrand and use as your own.

By using the included training and tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Boost your knowledge and confidence with our Social Media Certification
  • Set up and market your business with templates and tools
  • Find quality clients with highly effective tactics
  • Effectively pitch them on your services with sample proposals
  • Delight them with strategies and checklists
  • Grow a team with guidance on hiring
  • Earn a limitless income stream!

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Launchest saves you time, money, and mistakes by giving you an expert-developed program taking you from where you are today to working with clients in as little as 30 days.

If you were ever serious about starting your social media business, not only is this the program for you, but NOW is the time.

Watch the demo here and get a limited-time promo code for $500 off!

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